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Supmeaflow is one of the leading manufacturer and marketer of flow measuring instruments. We specialize in the design, manufacture, installation and calibration of flow measurement solutions. Our ISO certified manufacture and quality control systems guarantee a qualified flowmeter to meet customer’s need in diverse markets
Our flowmeter is widely used in some process industry such as aerospace, wastewater treatment,agriculture irrigation, chemical and petrochemical, food and beverage, metals and mining, municipal water, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, power utilities, pulp and paper, semiconductor etc. Supmeaflow has been serviced to customers from more than 50 countries.
With so many flow meter manufacturer, it may be difficult to determine which enterprise is the most suitable. The key to any successful purchase like this is the guidance of a trusted professional. To help you find that professional, we’ve compiled a large of engineer with the industry expertise and experience to help you determine which features and instruments are most vital.
keeping in mind that the right manufacturer for you will have not only the right price, but the right attitude. They will put you, not profit, first. When you think you’ve found the right manufacturer, get a quote and get started. Happy hunting!

Manufacturing highlights
-304 stainless steel pipe, non-magnetic can ensure the stability of the magnetic field generated inside the flowmeter
-With seamless pipes, flowmeter can withstand high pressure
-The internal coil is made of pure copper, which is different from some alloy copper, the magnetic field is evenly distributed and the accuracy is higher
-The housing material is carbon steel, and the thickness of the surface paint is greater than 90μm. Salt spray experiments have proved that this thickness of paint can effectively ensure that the flowmeter is not corroded under harsh working conditions.
-In sanitary application , such as the food industry and pharmaceutical industry, magnetic flowmeter will adopt stainless steel body and clamp connection .

Supmeaflow's various calibration facilities allow calibration of flowmeters in a smart and efficient way which is over 100 piece/day. The calibration system could offer both Master Meter Calibration and Gravimetric Calibration. It consists of several different calibration benches, depending on the diameter.
Every flowmeter has it own tracking ID and with a factory calibration report.

Logistics and Packing Highlights
-Warehouse access WMS (Warehouse Management System), all products are traceable
-Each flowmeter has been calibrated before delivery and come with calibration report, which will also be archived in the system for easy query
-The weight of the flowmeter is relatively large. In order to protect the flowmeter from damage during long-distance transportation, >DN 150 the flowmeter will be packed with wooden cases with screws at the bottom.
Delivery methods : international express (DHL, TNT, UPS FEDEX) and by sea.

Our Team
Our main staff come from various research institutes and industry associations, and field engineers with senior experience. In an environment where various manufacturers are arising price ware and even cutting down material cost to compete in the market, we are unwilling to join forces and are determined to make high-quality flow meters so that the world can use Chinese good meters.
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