Companies in the paper industry are all high-energy-consuming companies, and water, electricity, and steam consumption account for a large proportion. Water saving has also become the focus of the paper industry's transformation.
The electromagnetic flowmeter has a large measuring range, can replace the electronic unit without interrupting the work, low power consumption, the wetted part is made of stainless steel or ceramic structure, no moving parts, and maintenance-free. Its series of characteristics make it a paper industry The flow meter of choice for measuring industrial water, papermaking white water and sewage. By monitoring and assessing the flow of the water inlet main, sewage main, and white water used in the workshop in each papermaking workshop, the water consumption per ton of paper was effectively reduced, the waste of water resources in each link was reduced, and the circulating water in the workshop was improved. Utilization rate.
Advantage and challenge
• large measuring range
• Can replace the electronic unit without interrupting the work

The use of various chemical reagents in the papermaking process increases the difficulty of flowmeter selection
After years of practice, PTFE (for pulp, white water, industrial water) or other fluoroplastic lining (for chemicals) is commonly used in the field of papermaking for electromagnetic flowmeters. Electrodes are selected according to different liquid properties. The actual effect is People satisfied.
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