Maintenance of Coal Chemical Process Control Instruments
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Reading guide: With the continuous development of the coal chemical industry, the safety of coal chemical production has attracted people's attention, and one of the focuses is the maintenance of automatic control equipment. These pieces of equipment play a very important role in economic development.


Compared with the whole coal chemical industry, it is inevitable that there will be a series of problems caused by the problems of the control instruments in its business process. Therefore, it is particularly important to carry out regular maintenance and repair of the control instruments. It can not only extend the service life of the automatic control equipment but also ensure the smooth progress of production. The inspection and repair of the equipment include planned maintenance and daily maintenance. In the process of equipment inspection and maintenance, the damaged equipment shall be repaired in time, and the equipment that cannot be repaired shall be replaced in time so that the equipment can be returned to normal use. The maintenance of automatic control equipment in the coal chemical industry plays an important role in the production process. If the maintenance work is not perfect, it will affect the product quality and operation time, as well as the length of equipment use.

Overview of maintenance of automatic control equipment in the coal chemical industry at present

At present, according to a series of investigations and feedback on the operation of the coal chemical industry, the maintenance of automatic control equipment can be roughly divided into two categories: daily maintenance and planned maintenance. Daily maintenance is to solve problems encountered in the operation of automatic control equipment immediately, so as to successfully complete the work plan and reduce the financial loss caused by equipment problems in the industry. Planned maintenance refers to the regular maintenance and inspection of the equipment by professional technicians. It is necessary to change the severely worn parts to better prevent the occurrence of hazards.

According to the characteristics of its own structure, the automatic control equipment of the coal chemical industry should be maintained according to different contents. The first is to monitor the status. This method is relatively scientific. Select the right time to better manage the maintenance equipment. This maintenance method requires a detailed understanding of the specific operation of the equipment and a better understanding of the time when the equipment occurred. Second, the operation status of the automatic control equipment is a basis for maintenance. 

During the operation of the equipment, detailed records should be made to provide a better guarantee for maintenance. Using this method also reduces the difficulty of maintenance to a certain extent, but there is a lack of understanding of the specific operation of the equipment, so errors may occur in the actual equipment inspection and maintenance process. The third is to combine the two methods of equipment inspection and maintenance. This method can better repair automatic equipment and monitor equipment that often fails.

Problems and solutions in the maintenance of automatic control equipment in the coal chemical industry at present

Problems and solutions of the flowmeter in the coal chemical industry

Flowmeters can be divided into two types, including velocity flowmeters and volumetric flowmeters. If the flowmeter has problems in use, the values measured by the flowmeter are inconsistent with the actual values. In view of the fact that the flowmeter in question cannot display the value, the solution to this problem is to check whether the power plug and power connection are in good condition, ensure that the power connection is correct, and then check whether the displayed parts are in good contact. If there is no problem with these components, it can be determined whether the internal wire or fuse tube of the transformer is damaged. The damaged equipment should be replaced in time. 

It must be ensured that the installation direction of the internal converter is correct. The liquid in the pipeline will not flow into the internal part of the converter. If this phenomenon occurs, it may lead to the phenomenon of power connection and short circuit, and the flowmeter cannot be used normally. If there is a problem with the flowmeter, there are four situations: no signal is transmitted, the signal transmitted is unstable, and the signal transmitted is sometimes large and sometimes small, which is very different from the actual output signal. 

Check whether the power supply of the temperature transmitter can operate normally and whether the temperature sensing equipment can be used normally by checking the equipment failure, and then check the temperature transmitting device to judge the connection of the temperature change to the input point of the PLC module, and also check whether the output point of the PLC module is normal

Problems and solutions of the automatic control system in the coal chemical industry

In the production of the coal chemical industry, many products like powder or granules need to be automatically bagged with packing scales, which greatly reduces the use of time and resource waste. In the process of packaging, programmable control equipment shall be used for control. If there is a problem with the packaging scale, the main performance is that in the process of transporting goods, the items will not be packaged, and the value changes greatly. In case of these phenomena, the PLC needs to be fully checked to see if there is a problem. If the device is used normally, check the wiring of the instrument to see if it is well connected, and then check the control instrument to see if there is any problem during operation. The design of mechanical sealing shall conform to the actual situation. In the process of mechanical sealing, the quality of sealing shall be guaranteed. The installation of equipment shall be carried out according to strict procedures, which can also ensure the quality of installation.


The inspection and maintenance of control instruments shall be carried out strictly. During the inspection and maintenance process, detailed records shall be made, maintenance methods shall be mastered, and problems shall be comprehensively analyzed. The inspection and maintenance of coal chemical control equipment is the most important link in the production process, which has an important impact on the normal operation of coal chemical production. Understand the problems occurred in equipment operation and formulate perfect solutions. In the process of equipment inspection and maintenance, technicians should not only have professional knowledge, but also master the experience and technology of maintenance, comprehensively analyze the causes of failures, and constantly innovate technology to better inspect and repair the control equipment and constantly promote the normal operation of production.