Supmea donates masks to partners from 15 countries
Time:2020-03-30 Read:2135
Reading guide: This month, a batch of masks were sent from Xiaoshan, Hangzhou -- Supmea Supply Chain Center (a manufacturer committed to process automation solutions) to 15 countries including South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Italy and other countries.

In February 2020, when China was in epidemic threshold, our partners from many countries sent greetings as soon as they saw the news.

The partners who were planning to jointly establish overseas factories in Malaysia with Supmea have raised a batch of medical masks from the local area and sent them to China urgently.

The Korean agent of Supmea also urgently collected medical supplies from the local area, and sent KF94 masks from Seoul, South Korea to Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China by air transportation.

"From purchase to delivery, the prompt delivery and timely arrival impressed us a lot! This precious gift contains the deep friendship of Korean friends! We will keep these KF94 masks for those people who need more help." Chen Dingyou, the general manager of Supmea International said.

Since March 2020, the world has ushered in an epidemic threshold. The epidemic in South Korea is getting worse and masks are also in short supply. We have received support and help from Korean friends, so we should return them in the same way. We immediately contacted Korean friends and sent back the KF94 masks, and gave away an extra batch of disposable medical masks.

At the same time, we also contacted partners and customers in various places to quickly raise masks and send them to other countries to help international friends resist the epidemic.

"This epidemic has not only witnessed the mutual assistance between Supmea and its friends from various countries, but also reflects the customer-centric values of the company." Kevin, the Vice general manager of Supmea International, said "I believe that after this epidemic, our relationship will be closer and our friendship will be deeper."

At the same time, the colleague of Supmea’s Office in Philippines, Jayson, also received the masks presented by Supmea. He sent these masks to local agencies and customers on that day. And he hopes everyone will beat the epidemic in safety.


Here are some tips to keep safe from epidemic

1. Wear masks outdoors

2. Don't gather in crowded places.

3. Cover your coughs and sneezes with tissue

4. Wash your hands frequently and properly

5. Strengthen your immune system and exercise regularly