How we offer after-sale service to our partners
Time:2020-09-01 Read:2251
Reading guide: Supmea Automation serves and supports the Philippines' partners and customers.

March 2020, Supmea Philippines local engineer support I visited one of the largest food and beverage plant in the philippines who produces snacks ,food ,coffee etc.

For this plant we are requested by our partner due to they need our support and assitance for commissioning and testing of Dissolved Oxygen analyzer for aeration process and electromagnetic flow meter for water supply monitoring.

Since the Dissolve oxygen installed in aeration application I recommend to do a maintenance cleaning and air calibration frequently due to the sludge that causes clogged and blocked the sensor that affect the measurement. By our technology DO analyzer transmitter is eco-friendly and easy to operate which manuals and technical data is also included.

Regards in electromagnetic flow meter our customer requested for display measuring mode, I instructed and displayed the totalizer , and flow measurement reading which is important for the plant monitoring of the water supply. We accomplished the activity in a certain period of time which our partner and end-user and highly appriciated our presence during for this time of support and service.

Philippine Partner -We are glad and thankful for supmea's after sales service support by this we trusted supmea since before and confident to represent and worked with supmea on our future projects.