Interpreting Electromagnetic Flow Meter for Purified Water From 5 Aspects
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Reading guide: What is the difference between electromagnetic flowmeter used for measurement of different media? Is pure water conductive? Is the electromagnetic flowmeter suitable for measurement the flow of pure water? This article solves these three questions perfectly.

Electromagnetic Flow Meter for Purified Water

Purified water is a kind of water made for pharmaceutical use by distillation, ion exchange, reverse osmosis, or other suitable methods without any additives.
Therefore, some customers will ask whether an electromagnetic flow meter can measure the flow of purified water or not, so before asking, it is necessary to understand the principle and the measured media of an electromagnetic flow meter.

Principle: During the 1950s~1960s, Electromagnetic Flow meters (EMF) is a kind of new flow measurement instrument with the rapid development of electronic technology.
The electromagnetic flow meter is based on the electromagnetic induction principle. It is an instrument to measure the flow of conductive fluid according to the conductive fluid through the applied magnetic field.

Structure: the electromagnetic flow meter mainly consists of a magnetic circuit system, measuring tube, electrode, shell, lining, converter, and other parts.

Applicable media: From the above information about the structure of the electromagnetic flow meter, we know that there is a lining in the electromagnetic flow meter which contacts the media the most. So when measuring, what should be considered first is the requirements of lining to medium, that is to say, the different mediums should match with different lining.
We should select the lining of electromagnetic flow meters according to the corrosiveness, abrasiveness, and temperature of the measured medium.

Electromagnetic Flow Meter for Purified Water wholesale

Common Materials:
A. Natural Rubber (Soft Rubber)
1. Better elasticity, abrasion resistance, and tearing force.
2. Be resistant to the general corrosion of weak acids and alkalis.

3. Measure water and sewage.

B. Acid-resistant Rubber (Hard Rubber)
1. Resistant to the corrosion of hydrochloric acid, acetic acid, oxalic acid, ammonia, phosphoric acid, and 50% of sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide, and potassium hydroxide at room temperature, but not resistant to strong oxidants.
2. Measure the general acid, alkali, and salt solution.

C. Neoprene
1. Excellent elasticity, high tearing force, and good resistance.
2. Resistance to the corrosion of general low concentrations of acid, alkali, and salt solution, but not resistant to oxidizing medium
To measure water, sewage, mud, and slurry

D. Polyurethane
1. Excellent wear resistance
2. Poor resistance to acids and alkalis
To measure neutral strong abrasion of coal slurry, mud, and slurry

1. Wear boiling hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, concentrated alkali, and various organic solvents
2. Wear resistance well, but with poor bonding performance


To measure concentration, solutions such as concentrated alkalis and other mediums about health.

Through the principle introduced above, the medium measured should be conductive. As the conductivity of pure water is quite low, the electromagnetic flow meter cannot work normally. As a result, there are no precious results.

This is based on the former ordinary electromagnetic flow meter, but now the technology is more advanced, there are still on the market to measure the flow of purified water electromagnetic flow meter, but it is not recommended to use, in order to make the flow measurement more accurate, it is still recommended to use other flow meters.

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