The Application of Instrumentation Automation Control in Chemical Industries
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Reading guide: The chemical industry is a key site for the production and processing of chemical products. It is necessary to ensure the quality of chemical products and to ensure that people can use safe daily chemical products. The nature of the work of a chemical plant is to react and process substances so that the resulting products can meet the actual needs.

Traditional chemical industry production is more dangerous, and also puts forward more strict technical requirements for the relevant staff, chemical plant production is an important part of chemical engineering work. The popularity of instrumentation automation control in chemical industries has led to a significant replacement of manual work, and this instrumentation automation production method can also improve the accuracy of the technology used in chemical reactions while promoting the improvement of work efficiency. The application of instrumentation automation control allows for comprehensive monitoring of the actual work in chemical industries, replacing manual monitoring and electromagnetic induction monitoring, thus ensuring the safety of chemical industries.

1 The Application of Instrumentation Automation Control in Electrical Equipment Fault Detection

The chemical industry often has equipment failure problems in the actual work, usually, because of the long operation of machinery, maintenance is not timely and leads to mechanical aging and wear, and internal components have problems, which will lead to mechanical equipment failure. Compared with the traditional maintenance of electrical equipment, instrumentation automation control can monitor the entire chemical engineering work in real-time through the monitoring system, if there is an equipment failure in a working link, the monitoring system will promptly shut down the faulty equipment and display the problem to the staff, so that the staff can understand the location of the fault through the detection results of the instrumentation automation This allows the staff to know the location of the fault through the detection results of the instrumentation automation and to carry out troubleshooting work in a timely manner, thus greatly improving the work efficiency.

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2 Application of Instrumentation Automation Control in the Field of Chemical Machinery Automation

Instrumentation automation in the actual operation of the computer to complete. Computer-embedded programming and then build the overall use of the rules, the computer program, and chemical machinery and equipment for functional correlation and integration, so as to achieve a key production, the effect of automatic production of the machine, so as to greatly reduce the labor costs and improve efficiency.

The current requirements for the instrumentation automation of chemical machinery and equipment are to achieve the intelligence of chemical engineering, and instrumentation automation to control the entire work of the production process, because mechanical processing belongs to the industrial category, so it is possible to simulate the human brain in the next step of development of manual automatic programming so that the entire mechanical production process is more regular and more efficient. 

China's current instrumentation automation control has been partly realized, and part of the automatic technology in the development, of chemical process emergency alarms, is a reflection of the instrumentation automation control. To fully implement the instrumentation automation control into chemical engineering, further development of science and technology and further optimization of the manufacturing process are required.

Instrument automation production process can greatly save financial and material resources, the final result of the development of instrumentation automation is unmanned production, the entire assembly line is completed by mechanical autonomy, this goal seems ambitious, but in fact, in today's rapid development of science and technology part of the chemical plant has begun to use.

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3 Instrumentation Monitoring Field Applications

Chemical machinery and equipment plant belongs to a more complex process, in which each production process does analysis and processing, in order to ensure the stable operation of chemical production. In order to achieve this analysis and processing, the need for real-time monitoring of precision instruments, and because there are many small processes in the chemical direction of machinery and equipment, so only the use of very tight instrumentation to achieve the monitoring and detection of the entire chemical process. 

In order to ensure the stable operation of the later supervision, it is necessary to apply electrical instrumentation automation control technology in the chemical machinery and equipment to ensure the efficient operation of supervision. The use of integrated processing technology, information and communication technology, micro processing technology, and other comprehensive optimization of monitoring, so that the key chemical processes can play the maximum performance.