Using and Maintenance Measures of Turbine Flowmeter
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Reading guide: In the production site of large flow rate measurement using ultrasonic flowmeter, while the measurement of small flow rate generally use turbine flowmeter. Therefore, it is necessary to study the use of ultrasonic flowmeter and turbine flowmeter and maintenance measures to improve the accuracy of flow measurement.

Turbine Flowmeter -- Using and Maintenance Measures

Turbine liquid flowmeter basic composition of the shell, the mechanical part of the measurement and turbine, the inlet rectification part, the pressure vessel outside the impeller rotation of the energy transfer into the flowmeter, so that it enters the magnetic coupler, and the mechanical drive part. Through the mechanical calculator, it is possible to measure the volumetric flow of the liquid. Through the application of the sensor system, the measured data is directly transmitted to the automatic control system to obtain real-time flow information.

Turbine Flowmeter -- Principle of Operation

The mechanical part of the turbine liquid flowmeter includes the impeller and rectifier of the turbine, transmission mechanism and coupling device so that the turbine blades rotate, the speed of rotation and the flow rate of the fluid has a direct relationship, through the mechanical digitizer to display the instantaneous flow rate and the cumulative flow rate. The magnetic coupling device is connected to the counting part in the meter head, to get the flow data of the measured fluid.
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Turbine Flowmeter -- Maintenance Measures

Turbine flowmeter installation and use must be in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements, installation, and strict implementation of the installation procedures to achieve the designed installation and construction quality. After installation, test pressure measurement, to determine the flow rate of the measured medium, and other types of measuring instruments for comparison, to determine the measurement error. Then in accordance with the use of the protocol, it enters the media measurement and real-time access to the flow data of the liquid.

Regular inspection of the turbine flowmeter to ensure the correct use of the turbine flowmeter, to prevent the occurrence of human damage phenomenon. If the pressure in the measurement system is too high, the measured liquid is too dirty or produces serious vibration, etc. Inspection and maintenance must be carried out in order to restore the flow meter to its normal state of use.