The Application & Selection of Electromagnetic Heat and Cold Meter
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Reading guide: The electromagnetic heat meter uses the Faraday electromagnetic induction principle to measure the flow rate, and in combination with the supply and return water temperature signal from the paired temperature sensor, it can calculate, accumulate, store and display the heat absorbed or released in the heat exchange circuit.

Common Application Fields

Northern heating: the medium is hot water, used for heat accumulation.

Central air-conditioning water-cooled units: used for cold volume accumulation in summer and heat accumulation in winter. Mainly used in shopping malls (for merchant air conditioning cost calculation), data centers (such as Huawei, Ali, Baidu, Tencent, Mobile, Telecommunications, and other large server bases), etc., mainly to do energy-saving optimization, and monitoring use. Can be sold together with the pressure transmitter (water medium pipeline pressure monitoring). In addition, data centers generally do positive pressure fresh air to ensure clean space, which can be done inside and outside of the micro-difference monitoring.
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Instrument Selection Requirements

Understand the use temperature and flow rate range of the medium, the range ratio of the cold heat meter is required to be high, generally requiring 50:1, and the general flow meter accuracy is required to be 2%.

Temperature sensor, be sure to choose the paired RTD (paired resistance consistent with good linearity, far better than the conventional A-grade RTD), paired RTD temperature sensor default specifications, it is recommended to use PT1000 armored RTD, G1/2 thread, φ6 diameter, length including thread length can be selected in 85mm/120mm/210mm. (To ensure that the probe can reach the center of the pipe).

Installation Maintenance and Precautions

The medium of the cold meter is cold water, very easy to "sweat" (condensation) in the table body, so the installation of the table head is recommended to choose the split type, to avoid moisture failure of the table head condensation.

Body installation location selection: follow the installation requirements of the electromagnetic flow meter, to ensure that the pipeline is full of liquid, straight pipe sufficient, before the valve pump, and no negative pressure in the pipe section.

Electromagnetic Flow Meter Installation Specification Reference: Electromagnetic Flow Meter Installation Specification

The installation position of the body is recommended to increase the bypass, easy to follow uninterrupted repair and maintenance. (Only recommended, the specific choice depends on the user's choice, such as hospitals, data centers, and other sites that require 24h uninterrupted work, the higher requirements can choose to increase).

Temperature sensor installation: one way into the water, one way back to the water, requiring the connection cable length and wire diameter consistent to ensure that the collection of paired RTD linear consistency.