8 Keys for Selecting Turbine Flowmeters
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Reading guide: It is important to select an experienced engineer to help with the selection. The following are some parameters to be confirmed for model selection to facilitate your purchase.

For the selection of a turbine flowmeter, the following parameters need to be confirmed:

1. Measuring medium. A turbine flowmeter is a speed flowmeter, which first converts the flow rate of the medium into the speed of the turbine, and then converts the speed into an electrical signal proportional to the flow. Its principle determines the type of measuring medium, which can only be gas, or water, pure water, organic liquid, inorganic liquid, and other liquids without fiber or particle impurities. Because fibers, particles, impurities, etc. may wrap around the turbine blades or cause losses to them, thus affecting the measurement accuracy and even stopping the rotation.

2. Pipe diameter. Unlike other flowmeters, the diameter of the turbine flowmeter can be very small, which can be DN4 in theory, while other flowmeters can only be DN15 or above. However, the upper limit of the diameter of the turbine flowmeter is also very small. Theoretically, it can only achieve DN200, which can also meet most of the market needs. The turbine is mostly used in some high-precision applications, such as quantitative control, and many turbine flowmeters will be used.

3. Measurement accuracy. The accuracy of the turbine flowmeter also has several levels, including 0.5 level and 1.0 level. These two levels can basically meet the needs of most industrial sites. However, in some occasions with high precision requirements, a higher level is often required. Don't worry. Few other flowmeters can achieve this, but our turbine flowmeters can achieve an accuracy of 0.2.

4. Medium viscosity. The principle of the turbine flowmeter was mentioned earlier. The turbine flowmeter converts the flow rate of the medium into the speed of the turbine and then converts the speed into an electrical signal proportional to the flow rate. The principle determines that the turbine flowmeter is not suitable for measuring too viscous liquid, otherwise, it will affect the rotation of the impeller (in this case, the oval gear flowmeter is more suitable). Theoretically, the medium viscosity of the turbine flowmeter should be less than 5 × 10-6m2/s (more than 5 × For 10-6m2/s liquid, the flowmeter shall be used after solid-liquid calibration). Generally speaking, the viscosity shall be smaller than that of edible oil.

Turbine Flow meters selection

5. Nominal pressure. According to the current market demand, mainly 1.0Mpa; 1.6Mpa; 2.5Mpa; 4.0Mpa; 6.3Mpa (other pressure levels can be customized and supplied according to the agreement).

6. Medium temperature. According to the current market demand, the main temperature range is - 20 ℃~+ 120 ℃ (stainless steel measuring tube). If a larger range is required, you can consult the manufacturer for customization.

7. Power supply. According to the current market demand, there are mainly 3.6V lithium batteries; 12VDC; Three power supply modes of 24VDC are optional, and you can choose your own power supply mode according to the site conditions.

8. Output signal. According to the current market demand, there are mainly three-wire pulse outputs and two-wire 4-20mA outputs. In addition, some occasions may require digital output, and we can also provide RS485 communication and RS232 communication of Modbus.

Turbine Flow meters manufacturers
In general, the above eight points basically include all the important parameters required for the turbine flowmeter model selection. Once these points are confirmed, the manufacturer can recommend the appropriate model for you, and the price will be determined. So, when you get a purchase demand, don't worry about asking the manufacturer for an inquiry. 

It is just the so-called "sharpening the knife does not delay the firewood cutter". After confirming the above parameters, you can save a lot of time and quickly obtain the quotation when making an inquiry with the manufacturer. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details about turbine flowmeters wholesale.