4 Reasons for Selecting Turbine Flow Meters
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Reading guide: Production of turbine flowmeter manufacturers are also more and more, how to choose the right turbine flowmeter manufacturer is a matter of great concern to many customers.

Reasons for Selecting Turbine Flow Meters

Turbine flowmeter has the advantages of high accuracy, good repeatability, no zero point drift, high range ratio, etc. Liquid turbine flowmeter has high-quality bearings, and a specially designed guide sheet, so greatly reduces wear and tear, is insensitive to peak, and even harsh conditions can also give a reliable measurement of the variable. The turbine flowmeter output signal is the pulse, easy to digitize. Turbine flowmeter pressure loss is small, the blade can be anti-corrosion, and can measure viscous and corrosive media.

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Turbine Flow Meter Installation Precautions

Liquid turbine flowmeter can be installed horizontally or vertically, vertical installation of fluid flow direction should be from the bottom up, the liquid must fill the pipe, and there must be no air bubbles; liquid flow direction to be consistent with the direction of the arrow indicating the flow direction on the sensor housing; sensor before and after the straight pipe section requirements, the upstream end should be at least 10 times the length of the nominal diameter of the straight pipe section, the downstream end should be no less than 5 times the nominal diameter of the straight pipe section, its inner wall should be smooth Clean, no dents, scale, and skin defects. The axis of the sensor pipe should be aligned with the axis of the adjacent pipe.

The gasket used to connect the seal shall not be deep into the cavity of the pipe; the sensor should be far from the external electric field, and the magnetic field, if necessary, should take effective shielding measures to avoid foreign interference. In order not to affect the normal transmission of liquid during maintenance, it is recommended that the installation of a sensor, the installation of bypass piping.

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The Working Principle of Turbine Flow Meters

The flow meter uses a turbine for measurement. It first converts the flow rate into the turbine's rotational speed and then converts the rotational speed into an electrical signal proportional to the flow rate. This type of flow meter is used to detect instantaneous flow and total accumulated flow, and its output signal is frequency, which is easy to digitize. The induction coil is fixed to the housing together with a permanent magnet. When the ferromagnetic turbine blade passes the magnet, the magnetoresistance of the magnetic circuit changes, thus generating an induced signal. The signal is amplified and shaped by an amplifier and sent to a counter or frequency meter, which displays the total accumulated flow. The pulse frequency is also converted to frequency voltage to indicate the instantaneous flow rate.

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