Ultrasonic Flow Meters for Drinking Water Measurement
Time:2022-10-28 Read:790
Reading guide: Today we will take you to understand the principle and operating conditions of the ultrasonic flow meter for drinking water measurement.

First of all, before understanding the ultrasonic flow meter for drinking water measurement, it is necessary to know the principle of the ultrasonic flow meter for drinking water measurement. There are many kinds of flow meters that can measure flow, such as electromagnetic flow meters, turbine flow meters, and vortex street flow meters. In drinking water treatment, electromagnetic flow meters are the most widely used, but electromagnetic flow meters can only measure the flow of a single pipe. However, the ultrasonic flow meter for drinking water is still used to measure the flow of pipes with multiple diameters.

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The principle of ultrasonic flow meter for drinking water measurement can be divided into propagation velocity difference method (direct time-difference method, time-difference method, phase difference method, and frequency difference method), beam offset method, Doppler method, cross-correlation method, spatial filtering method and noise method according to the principle of signal detection. The most widely used method is the time difference method, which uses a pair of ultrasonic transducers to send and receive ultrasonic waves alternately (or simultaneously) in opposite directions, It is an indirect measurement method to measure the flow velocity of fluid indirectly by observing the time difference between the downstream and countercurrent propagation of the ultrasonic wave in the medium, and calculate the flow through the flow velocity.

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Both portable and split-type ultrasonic flow meters are available for drinking water measurement. The portable ultrasonic flow meter for drinking water mainly has the clamping type and bracket type installation. The clamping type installation is to install the magnetic external clamp type sensor on the outer wall of the pipe to achieve flow measurement without breaking the pipe. The bracket installation is to fix the bracket with the scale size on the outer wall of the pipe, with the scale size, so as to determine the installation distance of the probe.

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The sensor probes are divided into standard type and high-temperature type. It can be selected according to the actual situation of the enterprise. Generally, when purchasing an ultrasonic flow meter for drinking water, it is necessary to know how high the temperature of the drinking water is so that the engineer can select an ultrasonic flow meter for your drinking water.

Then, after knowing the principle of ultrasonic flow meter for drinking water measurement, we will see what kind of manufacturer is the reliable manufacturer of ultrasonic flow meter for drinking water. First of all, certain manufacturer qualifications and various certificates are required. Next, offices will be set up nationwide, only for the needs of customers. Finally, professional manufacturers have professional engineers who know all kinds of industrial sites. Our company focuses on solving all kinds of instrument problems for customers, welcome to inquiry.