Pipeline Split Electromagnetic Flowmeter
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Reading guide: So where is the pipe split electromagnetic flowmeter used? Now let's talk about the application and installation precautions of the pipe split electromagnetic flowmeter.

Application of Pipeline Split Electromagnetic Flowmeter

(1) The ambient temperature or the radiation temperature on the surface of the flowmeter converter exceeds 60 ℃.

(2) Where the pipeline vibrates greatly.

(3) Where the aluminum shell of the sensor will be seriously corroded.

(4) Places with high humidity or corrosive gas on site.

(5) Flowmeter is installed at high altitudes or inconvenient places for downhole debugging

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 Precautions for Installation of Pipe Split Electromagnetic Flowmeter

The sensor of the pipe split electromagnetic flowmeter shall be installed vertically, and the fluid shall flow from bottom to top, so as to ensure that the solid and liquid are mixed. The reason is that solid matters (sediment, pebble particles, etc.) in the medium are easy to precipitate. In addition, if there are fish and weeds in the pipeline, the fish swimming in the pipeline will cause the output of the flowmeter to swing back and forth; The swing of weeds hanging near the electrode will also cause the output of the flowmeter to be unstable. A metal filter screen is set at the upstream inlet of the flowmeter to prevent fish and weeds from entering the measuring pipe.

The pipe split electromagnetic flowmeter can prevent negative pressure in the sensor if the pipe is set improperly. When the upstream and downstream valves of the flowmeter are closed at the same time, if the fluid temperature is higher than the air temperature Shrinkage after cooling may cause negative pressure in the pipe. The negative pressure causes the lining to peel off from the metal conduit, causing electrode leakage.

The pipeline is equipped with a negative pressure prevention valve near the split electromagnetic flowmeter, and the valve is opened to connect the atmospheric pressure to prevent negative pressure in the sensor. When a vertical pipe is connected to the downstream of the split electromagnetic flowmeter, if the upstream valve of the flow sensor is used to close or adjust the flow, a negative pressure will be formed in the measuring pipe of the sensor. To prevent negative pressure, back pressure shall be added or a downstream valve shall be used to regulate and close the flow.

Proper maintenance space for pipeline split electromagnetic flowmeter. A large-diameter flowmeter is often installed in the instrument well. For the convenience of pipeline installation, wiring, inspection, and maintenance, appropriate space should be reserved. For the convenience of observation, wiring, and maintenance, the instrument shall be installed at a certain height from the ground to facilitate cleaning and installation.

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Troubleshooting of Pipe Split Electromagnetic Flowmeter in Use

The measurement of the split magnetic flowmeter will be inaccurate due to various faults during operation. Generally, the faults generated by the electromagnetic flowmeter during operation can be divided into two categories. The first type is the fault caused by the flowmeter itself and the damage to components. The other is the fault caused by the change of external conditions, such as unstable output, flow countless times, excessive error, etc. Here are some simple troubleshooting methods:

Unstable output:

1. The flow field is unstable.

2. The liquid passing through the sensor contains gas and large solid blocks.

3. Virtual connection of electrical connection.

4. Poor grounding.

5. Electrode leakage.


1. The pipeline shall be modified or false sensors shall be added.

2. Normal phenomenon.

3. Check the wiring and connect it properly.

4. Connect the ground wire.

5. Repair the sensor.

No output for liquid flow:

1. The two cores of the signal transmission cable between the converter and the converter are inversely connected.

2. The power supply is not connected or the contact is poor.

3. There is leakage in the pipeline, shell, and end face of the sensor instrument.

Terms of the settlement:

1. Winding head.

2. Connect the power supply and keep good contact.

3. Repair the sensor.

The liquid does not flow and has an output

1. There is an open circuit in the signal transmission cable connection with the converter.

2. The connection between the signal cable and the electrode is an open circuit.

3. The electrode surface is contaminated or the insulating layer is deposited.

4. Poor grounding or open circuit.


1. Connect the cable.

2. Open the sensor and reconnect it.

3. Wipe the electrode surface.

4. Connect the ground wire.

Excessive error:

1. The zero point is too high.

2. Not fully filled with liquid.

3. The distortion of the power supply is too large.

4. Poor grounding.


1. Re-adjust the zero point;

2. Improve the pipeline conditions, and the sensor is always filled with liquid;

3. Improve the power supply conditions to meet the normal working conditions;

4. Connect the ground wire.

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The above is the selection of application occasions, installation, and use precautions of pipeline split electromagnetic flowmeter. I believe that you have a basic understanding of pipeline split electromagnetic flowmeter. In addition to selecting appropriate instruments for measurement, the industrial site should pay more attention to the maintenance of pipe split electromagnetic flowmeter! If you don't know which flowmeter is suitable for you. Contact us now. We will provide you with appropriate flow measurement solutions.