How to Scientifically Maintain the Sewage Flowmeter?
Time:2022-11-01 Read:767
Reading guide: The new generation of wastewater flowmeter is better and more popular in the market. Let's take a deeper look at how to scientifically maintain the sewage flow meter.

Maintain the Sewage Flowmeter Scientifically

The integrated sewage flowmeter has strong protection capability. It innovates from the process and changes from the use specification, but its excellent testing performance is retained. The new generation of sewage flowmeters is stronger, and the market penetration rate is higher and higher. How should we scientifically maintain this kind of high-quality equipment?

Protection Against Corrosion

The principle of special maintenance for special parts shall be followed when maintaining the sewage flowmeter, that is, the key parts, irreversible parts, or parts that play a key role in the sewage flowmeter shall be maintained. Although in principle, the sewage flowmeter can be used in various media, the application time of highly corrosive media shall be minimized or avoided to avoid the impact of acid and alkali substances on the sewage flowmeter.

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No Strong Impact

Moisture, moisture, and corrosive gas will not cause direct damage to the sewage flow meter, but the strong external impact will cause irreversible damage. Therefore, do not use the sewage flow meter together with other unsafe equipment during use, or frequently throw the sewage flow meter in daily life, to avoid causing its measurement accuracy problems or affecting internal components.

Clean Dust Regularly

For the core part of the sewage flow meter, dust removal shall be carried out regularly. Corrosive dust and dust in the clean space environment will also improve the service life of the sewage flow meter. Especially in a harsh working environment or the environment with high dust concentration, the cleaning frequency of the sewage flow meter shall be increased to improve its service life through comprehensive maintenance.

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The specific maintenance work of the sewage flowmeter shall be subject to its actual use instructions because different types of sewage flowmeters have different maintenance methods in different structures and application environments. If the sewage flowmeter can be scientifically maintained, its service life will be greatly improved, and its future work will be more stable.