What Causes No Signal Output of Turbine Flowmeters
Time:2022-11-02 Read:682
Reading guide: The numerical value can be controlled with a small enough error, but even the most precise instrument will have problems.

A problem often encountered in the use of a turbine water flow meter is that there is no signal output. Although it is not a serious problem, the absence of a numerical value means that the measurement has not been done. Therefore, this problem is also a serious problem. Today, let's popularize the relevant knowledge.

If the flow signal of the turbine water flow meter and the inspection signal is not output, it may be related to these reasons: the power supply is not connected or the output voltage is incorrect, and the display interface of the turbine flowmeter is faulty. The solution is to reconnect the power supply and supply power according to the given voltage. Ask a professional to repair the display screen.

However, the turbine flowmeter only displays the inspection signal but does not output the flow signal, which may be related to the wiring between the sensor display interfaces, such as the converter coil and open circuit, short circuit, poor contact, or the failure and damage of the amplifier, as well as the blockage of the turbine flowmeter impeller and the blockage of the pipe and the inability of the liquid to flow.

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The way to eliminate this problem is to check the correctness and quality of the wiring according to the wiring diagram of the sensor and display instrument. Repair and replace the amplifier, converter, coil, and other accessories, and clean the sensor, pump valve, and pipeline in the equipment regularly.

At the same time, when checking that the turbine flow meter has no signal output problem, pay attention to confirming whether the power supply is connected and whether the whole circuit is normal, and replace the power circuit board in time. Check the liquid flow direction and whether the tube is full of liquid. If the pipeline is not full of liquid mainly due to the improper installation position of the sensor, measures shall be taken during installation to prevent the pipeline from being full of liquid; If the electrode on the inner wall of the turbine flowmeter is covered with the liquid scar, the inner wall shall be cleaned regularly.

If you have any questions about the signal output of the turbine water flow meter, you can consult us, and we will have professionals to give you detailed answers.