Application and Selection of Intelligent Electromagnetic Flowmeters
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Reading guide: Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeters can be divided into integrated electromagnetic flowmeters, split electromagnetic flowmeters, sanitary electromagnetic flowmeters, submersible electromagnetic flowmeters, and special explosion-proof electromagnetic flowmeters.

Application of Electromagnetic Flowmeter on Several Occasions

1. Integrated Electromagnetic Flowmeters

Integrated electromagnetic flowmeter, which is used in metallurgy, paper making, sewage treatment, and other industries, is also a relatively mature electromagnetic flowmeter; In biomedical, chemical, and other industries, small caliber, one-piece clamping connection is often used. The specification requirements of electromagnetic flowmeters used in different fields are different.

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2. Remote Electromagnetic Flowmeters

The split electromagnetic flowmeter is applied to some occasions where it is not convenient to install the integrated flowmeter, such as outdoor underground pipelines, pipeline site vibration, and installation locations inconvenient for viewing. The device orientation of the split electromagnetic flowmeter should also be far away from the industrial electromagnetic disturbance sources, such as high-power motors, transformers, etc., otherwise, the autoharmonic vibration of the measuring tube in the split electromagnetic flowmeter will be disturbed, and the weak signals detected by the split electromagnetic flowmeter can be submerged in the electromagnetic disturbance noise. The split electromagnetic flowmeter shall be at least 5m away from the transformer and motor.

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3. Sanitary Electromagnetic Flowmeters

In food hygiene, medicine, and other industries, sanitary electromagnetic flowmeter requires that the sensor of the electromagnetic flowmeter can be easily disassembled, which is also very convenient for cleaning and steam sterilization on a regular basis. Therefore, in the health industry, the electromagnetic flowmeter should meet the specifications of the health type.

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4. Submersible Electromagnetic Flowmeter

The instruments used by submersible electromagnetic flowmeter in channels are submersible, mainly used in industrial drainage and sewers. They need to use the power of hoists to carry out relevant drainage work. At the same time, the sensor of the electromagnetic flowmeter shall be installed under the baffle of the open channel and shall be immersed in water for a long time, so the sealing of the components shall be stricter than that of the conventional ones.

5. Explosion-proof Electromagnetic Flowmeter

In some special places, such as some explosion-proof occasions, the explosion-proof electromagnetic flowmeter requires the instrument to have good explosion-proof and flameproof performance. In these occasions, the energy of the excitation current is very large. The electromagnetic flowmeter can be divided into gas-tight, diaphragm, and sand-filled types. With the rapid development of science and technology, the power of excitation current has decreased a lot. Therefore, the most common flowmeter in explosion-proof occasions is the safety spark type, which is composed of a flow sensing part and a conversion part.