Amazing Vortex Flow Meter Installation Instruction
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Reading guide: Here we talk about the installation place and environment selection of SUP-LUGB vortex flow meters.

Installation Place and Environment Selection

1. Try to avoid strong power equipment, high-frequency equipment, and strong power switch gear.

2. Try to avoid high-temp thermal sources and sources of radiant heating. Outdoor installation should do some measures of sun-shading and rain shelter.

3. Try to avoid shock places and corrosion environments. Meanwhile, easy maintenance should be considered.

Reasonable and correct installation position

1. Installation position should avoid strong shock pipeline, or take some measures of shock absorption.

2. Horizontal, vertical, and slanting installation. Liquid measuring ensures flow direction from low to high. Gas measuring and direction are not required. When measuring vapor or high-temp gas, the flow meter body pillar should be at an angle of 45 Deg with a vertical direction.

Reasonable and correct installation position

Grounding requirement

When pipelines are without available grounding conditions, a ground wire is essential between housing and the earth. 

Required lengths of straight pipe

In order to correct measurement, upstream or downstream of the flow meter should obligate enough straight length.

No components to affect fluid velocity upstream of the flow meter. All types of straight-length installation references:

The vortex flow meter required lengths of straight pipe fig.1

Vortex Flow Meter Installation Instruction

Supmea Vortex Flow Meter Installation Instruction

Installation and welding of flow meter

The LUGB Vortex diameter is accordant to upstream and downstream tubing diameter at the installation point. The sensor is concentric with the pipeline; prohibit gaskets between the sensor and flanges bulge out into the pipeline. Make sure that the connection end face of the insertion-version vortex flow meter parallels the pipe axis. Details as per fig.2.

After initial installation, when the medium is steam or other high-temp medium, flanges & bolts should be re-tightened when the medium is full of the pipeline. Do heat preservation measures for the pipeline in order to protect the amplifier. Fig.3

SUP-LUGB-B model

LUGB Vortex meters supplier

SUP-LUGB-A model

LUGB Vortex meters factory

Be attentive: concerning the P/T compensation integrated vortex flow meter, to avoid high-temp or liner shock damage pressure transmitter, the Pressure control valve must be closed before the medium is full of the pipeline. When the medium full of pipeline meanwhile approaches working temperature and pressure, slowly turn on the control valve. Pressure tapping and pressure detector should be done heat reservation if flow meter outdoor installation.