7 Tips About Turbine Flow Meter Operation Method
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Reading guide: The turbine flow meter structure is divided into thread, flange and clamp connection according to the different connection modes of the sensor part.

Main technical parameters of turbine flow sensors

Power supply: +12V DC, +24V DC (maximum voltage +26VDC)

Output signal: pulse signal

Field connection method

The connection between the flow meter and the display instrument can be selected according to the power supply of the instrument(Figure 1).

Warning: When wiring the instrument, it must be operated after powering off.

Turbine Flow Sensors

Figure 1 Wiring diagram of sensor and display instrument

Sensor supporting display instrument

Intelligent display instrument: It can display the cumulative quantity and instantaneous quantity, the display error is better than 0.2% FS, 8-segment broken line non-linear correction function, the alarm output can be set as the instantaneous upper and lower limit alarm or cumulative quantity preset output. The power failure record function can record the total power failure time. A number of power outages and power-on time. Output current: 4~20mA, 0~10mA; external power supply: 24V DC, 12V DC, optional RS485 communication interface. Dimensions: 160×80×125 or 80×160×125.

Display instrument: used for liquid quantitative filling or batching control, basic error 0.2%, 8-digit total, and 6-digit batch display. 

Turbine flow meter with local display

Main technical parameters

  • Power supply: LWGY-1—3.6V lithium battery (19Ah built-in)
  • LWGY-2/3/4—+24V DC power supply 
  • display content: instantaneous flow 6 digits, cumulative total 8 digits
  • Output mode: LWGY-1—pulse output (optional, need external power supply)
  • LWGY-2/3/4—4~20mA current output, pulse output (optional) Modbus communication (optional), the output function cannot be used at the same time.

Display operation method

(1) Button function

①In the automatic measurement state, the Button function:
  • F key: enter the parameter setting state;
  • Up key: Cyclic display of turbine frequency, density, meter coefficient, unit code, instantaneous flow, and Totalizer.
  • Left button: No function temporarily.

②Key function in parameter setting state

  • Press the left button to display the menu items in a forward cycle;
  • Press the middle button to display the menu items in the reverse cycle;
  • Press the right button to confirm and enter the parameter setting interface of the corresponding menu item, you can modify the parameters in the parameter setting interface;
  • Press the left button to shift or scroll;
  • Press the middle button to scroll ; 
  • Press the right button to confirm and save the corresponding parameters and exit the parameter setting interface.

(2) LCD screen

Double-row segment LCD, no decimal point at the end of the upper and lower rows, use "_" instead of the decimal point. 
Upper row: Q ××××××, 6-digit instantaneous flow;
Bottom row: ××××××××, 8-digit cumulative total, the unit corresponds to the instantaneous flow.

Pulse output wiring diagram:

Turbine Flow Sensors factory
When there is no sampling resistance inside the system, F_V+ is connected to the positive pole of the power supply, F_V- is connected to the negative pole of the power supply, and Fout is connected to the pulse signal;
When there is a sampling resistor inside the system, F_V+ is connected to the positive pole of the power supply, Fout is connected to the pulse signal, and F_V- does not need to be connected.
note! The pulse signal power supply voltage range is DC5V~24V.

Battery replacement

Accumulatively powered on for two years, unconditionally replace the battery. If the meter does not display or displays abnormally within the battery lifespan, and the measured battery voltage is lower than 2.8V, you should immediately cut off the power supply and replace the battery, otherwise, the circuit unit in the meter will be damaged.

When replacing the battery, pay attention to the polarity of the battery to be consistent with the battery box label, and do not reverse it. Each time the cover is opened and then assembled, the front and back covers of the instrument should be tightened.

Turbine flow meter without display

Main technical parameters

Power supply: +24V DC
Output signal: 4~20mA current output


(1) The complete connection method of the flow meter (see Figure 1).
(2) Schematic diagram of internal wiring (see Figure 2)
(3) Schematic diagram of fine adjustment of full-scale flow (see Figure 4)
Full-scale fine-tuning button: press K1 and K2 at the same time and LED2 lights up to enter the adjustment mode and release the button, press K1 to increase the current, and press K2 to decrease the current. It will automatically exit the adjustment mode if there is no operation for 1 minute.
*Note: The current has been adjusted before the product is sold, please do not adjust it at will;

Turbine Flow Sensors suppliers

Figure 3 Schematic diagram of external wiring

Turbine Flow Sensors manufacturers

Figure 4 Schematic diagram of internal wiring diagram