Application of Automation System in Iron and Steel Plant Management
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Reading guide: At present, the three electric automated systems of converters in other iron and steel plants are divided into systems with basic automation and systems with basic automation and process automation. However, these systems cannot well collect and save the information in the automation process. Therefore, a perfect secondary management system plays a vital role in the process of automation in the iron and steel plant. Through the secondary management system, we can fully understand the information in the production process and provide a reliable basis for the entire production.
Automation system plays the most important role and utility in the company's information system. Under the current market economic system, with the rapid economic development, if the company wants to keep pace with the times, get good development, and maximize enterprise benefits, it must use scientific theoretical guidance methods to make the entire company's science and technology go ahead. Therefore, the development of automation systems is crucial for the development of iron and steel companies and has played a considerable role in promoting them. And through the automation system, information can be quickly transferred between the superior and subordinate to achieve a seamless connection, which will improve the work efficiency of the enterprise. Therefore, this paper mainly discusses the application of automation systems in the management process of iron and steel plants. Through example analysis, we can feel the importance and strong advantages of the automation system.

Automation system of iron and steel plant

Under the control of the computer, the production plan is established through the preparation of man-machine dialogue, and a series of chemical elements is determined by considering various physical principles and chemical equations for simulation calculation, so as to determine the raw material ratio in the production process. The predicted values are achieved by using precision instruments and high-end technology. The balance of chemical elements such as silicon, phosphorus, manganese, carbon, oxygen, etc. makes the automation implementation plan complete. Observe smelting data through periodic upload of computer, and upload smelting signal to correction instruction of furnace file. Finally, judge whether to terminate the smelting according to the oxygen consumption. A large amount of factual data and smelting operations indicate that the automation system plays a very important role in the management process of the steel plaza, and the oxygen lance position and the number of converter bottom soot blowing provide more advanced technologies for automation.

Automation System in Iron and Steel Plant Management

Maintenance of automation system in iron and steel plant

Automation systems often require precision electronic instruments, and the manipulation of precision instruments often requires very high environmental requirements. It needs to be carried out in a dust-free and waterless environment, and it needs to be protected against high temperatures and lightning. Therefore, we need to check regularly to find and solve problems in time to ensure the normal operation of the system and the normal operation of the steel plant. This requires us to do the following.

Carry out periodic key maintenance

(1) Regularly check whether the indicator lights work every day and whether the indicator lights reflect the working status of control points. If the indicator light is abnormal, it means there is a problem in the work and we need to solve it in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

(2) Because our automation system needs to prevent high temperatures, we need to regularly check whether the heat exhaust system operates normally every day to ensure that the equipment can dissipate heat in time, so as to avoid unnecessary losses due to untimely heat dissipation.

(3) Observe whether the PLC cabinet has a peculiar smell.

(4) Check the power supply system regularly to ensure that its power supply is normal. Regularly measure whether the voltage is normal. Check whether the signals of various devices are normal, whether the temperature of various indicator boards is normal, and whether the circuit signals are normal. Whether the working environment is stated moisture-proof, waterproof, and high temperature-proof to ensure that the working environment is at a standard level so that the work can be carried out normally.

(5) Remove dust regularly. In order to improve the working life of working elements, we should periodically remove dust to ensure the normal operation of the working system. Regular dedusting can ensure the normal operation of the circuit board, prevent failures in the working process, and improve the service life of the components.

(6) Frequently measure the resistance of PLC and other instruments to ensure that it is within the normal resistance range, so as to better protect the control system and extend the service life of the control system.

System repair practice

When the system breaks down, we can judge which part breaks down according to the function of each part. In order to reduce the time for troubleshooting, we can replace the faulty part we suspect with a good original to check whether there is a fault, which can reduce the time for our troubleshooting. Of course, this is also a conclusion drawn from a large number of facts.

(1) Precautions for fault finding: Before troubleshooting, cut off the power supply and terminate the operation of all systems to ensure the safety of personnel, and also ensure that the system will not be affected by the troubleshooting, resulting in damage.

(2) Troubleshooting steps: ① The system voltage is in normal state,+5V,+10V. ② The indicator can judge whether the system is running normally. When the equipment is running normally but there is no running signal, it is necessary to consider whether it is an input board. When the equipment can not operate normally and there is no operation signal, it is necessary to check whether there is an input signal. ③ When the control unit is abnormal, first consider whether it is an internal problem of the control board. ④ View the I/O board. ⑤ When ensuring that none of the above problems exist, you can consider restarting the system.

Application of Automation System in Iron and Steel Plant Management

Example of application of automation system in iron and steel plant management

Metallurgical automation technology

Metallurgical automation is an important process to support and protect the work of iron and steel plants. Some difficult process technologies need to be completed through automated instruments. Therefore, metallurgical automation technology plays a very important role in the development of iron and steel plants. With the development of the national economy, the demand for iron and steel is obvious, and traditional metallurgical technology cannot meet the demand for iron and steel in contemporary society. Therefore, iron and steel plants are constantly innovating and developing automatic steel rolling technology. Automatic steel rolling technology combines artificial intelligence with iron and steel enterprises, greatly improving the metallurgical production efficiency of iron and steel enterprises. At present, the technology and production efficiency of the continuous rolling mill are very advanced, and steel technology has been promoted to the forefront of the world. Automatic metallurgy technology has greatly improved the technology of the steel manufacturing industry, promoted the steady development of the steel industry, increased year by year, and walked at the forefront of the world.

Automatic sizing system

The automatic system can accurately measure the steel. The distance can be measured by using physical principles through the control of the moving distance and speed of the steel plate and various tracks. The ruler is driven by the main motor to make the trolley move on the track, and the switch is detected through the front and rear limits. The steel cutting is finally completed through the original electric ruler shearing control system. The whole process is automatically completed, and the steel is precisely cut through the automatic sizing system.

Pneumatic conveying system

Power, cement, chemical, and other enterprises have applied pneumatic conveying systems. The pneumatic conveying system has a great advantage, which is seldom used in iron and steel plants. The carbon and iron produced by iron and steel plants in the production process of iron and steel are very valuable secondary energy. In the traditional production process of iron and steel, the open-air environment makes the waste generated by iron and steel completely discharged into the air, seriously polluting the environment. The pneumatic conveying system will enable the materials generated to be transported to the required place by pipeline without being exposed to the air, which not only saves energy, protects the environment, but also achieves the reuse of waste. This is clean and energy-saving, which is favored by many steel plants and caters to the policy of environmental protection.

Sewage treatment automation system

The sewage treatment system of the iron and steel plant mainly uses the ultrafiltration reverse osmosis treatment system to concentrate the wastewater in the steel production process and conduct the secondary treatment of the sewage through the ultrafiltration reverse osmosis treatment system. It will also self-regulate the sewage level. The efficient and stable sewage treatment system also plays an important role in the normal operation of the steel company.

Application of Automation System

Development direction of automatic control in iron and steel plants

In the iron and steel plant, we should ensure the professionalism of the automation service, make the entire system reach the optimal state, and enable relevant personnel to have the ability to respond to unexpected situations and professional skills. Without the support of automation technology, it would be difficult for us to make steel. Therefore, the automation system technology is the core pillar supporting the entire steel industry. We should adhere to the development of automation technology to usher in a better future for the iron and steel industry.


Automation system plays a very important role in the manufacturing process of iron and steel companies. Its artificial intelligence provides convenience for the production of steel companies and increases timeliness. Secondly, the combination of various automation systems and science and technology has not only improved the income of iron and steel companies year by year but also made certain contributions to the cause of environmental protection. High-end technology always leads the trend of the times, and sophisticated technology can greatly improve the quality of steel.