Application Analysis of Automatic Online Detection Instrument in Wastewater Treatment of Smelter
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Reading guide: Based on the structure, characteristics, and importance of the automatic online detection instrument, this article discusses in detail the specific application path of the automatic online detection instrument in the process of metallurgical wastewater treatment, hoping to further improve the efficiency of wastewater treatment, so that China's metallurgical industry production will go to a higher level.

Structure and characteristics of automatic online detection instrument

Metallurgical wastewater detection is an important part of industrial production. Traditional wastewater detection needs to extract samples and then conduct experimental detection. However, in this part of the detection process, it has been highlighted that traditional wastewater detection is time-consuming and inefficient. In addition, the low sensitivity of laboratory testing equipment in traditional wastewater detection is also one of the main problems. At present, automatic equipment is often used to replace the problems in traditional detection. The automatic online detection instrument is mainly composed of three parts. The first is the sensor, which is the part directly contacting the wastewater, and detects the analog quantity through the application of signals. The second is the transmitter. From the name of the transmitter, the main function of the transmitter is to change the signal from the sensor. In practical application, the transmitter will convert the analog signal into a current signal and send it to the final controller. Finally, the monitor. The display will show the final measurement results. At present, automatic equipment is more and more common in wastewater detection, and an automatic online detection instrument is the main detection instrument for its application.

Application Analysis of Automatic Online Detection Instrument

The importance of automatic online detection instrument in metallurgical wastewater treatment

Automatic online detection instruments are very important in metallurgical wastewater treatment. The details are as follows: First of all, automatic detection equipment can realize real-time online work, and give early warning to problems in wastewater, so as to avoid harm to nature caused by wastewater discharge as much as possible. Generally speaking, metallurgical wastewater directly discharged into rivers without detection or treatment will cause serious pollution to the ecological environment, and when its pollution degree exceeds the self-purification capacity of nature, it may also have a certain impact on the normal life of surrounding residents. Traditional wastewater detection is intermittent, and it often takes samples from a certain water area for detection. Such detection may have an incomplete problem. However, automatic online detection solves the problem of traditional wastewater detection. 

Generally, the automatic online detection instrument is mainly installed at the outlet of wastewater treatment to continuously detect the problem of excessive wastewater pollutants. Secondly, the display of the result data of the automatic online detection instrument is concise and clear, which makes it easier to find the problems in the wastewater. In traditional wastewater detection equipment, the quality detection of smelting wastewater often needs to be calculated by conversion or comparison with the standard. The difference is that the relevant standard data has been input into the automatic online detection equipment. While conducting real-time detection, the results of each detection will be compared with the standard values. On the display of the result data, the data in the dashboard is not only simpler and clearer but also its correspondence with the standard values is clear at a glance. Finally, the automatic testing equipment is more adaptable. The instrument can be adjusted automatically or manually to improve its matching degree.

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Application path of automatic online detection instrument in wastewater treatment

Application of automatic flow measuring instrument

The automatic flow meter is a commonly used wastewater detection instrument, which mainly detects the flow of wastewater inlets and outlets, gas production of digestion tanks, etc. Not only that, the automatic flow meter can detect the basic flow, but also evaluate the economic benefits of wastewater treatment. At present, the common automatic flow meters are mainly ultrasonic flowmeters and electromagnetic flowmeters. Ultrasonic flowmeter mainly converts the propagation speed of the ultrasonic waves in the flowing medium into the propagation speed of the flowing medium. Its main application advantages are divided into the following aspects. Firstly, the ultrasonic flowmeter has the advantage of convenient installation. Compared with other flowmeters, the ultrasonic flowmeter can realize continuous detection, avoid the disadvantage that the general detector needs to cut off the flow, and reduce the drilling steps in the processing. Secondly, the stability of the ultrasonic flowmeter is high. When the flowmeter is working, the impact pressure of the water flow will have a certain impact on the equipment. 

The ultrasonic flowmeter solves this problem and reduces the damage caused by water pressure to the equipment. Finally, because the flowmeter processes more data and there are more pressures in different directions, some similar flowmeters are likely to be affected by the external environment when producing results, which will reduce the accuracy. Ultrasonic flowmeters can directly output signals to avoid this problem. The working reason for the electromagnetic flowmeter is relatively simple and is mainly based on the electromagnetic induction principle. Like the ultrasonic flowmeter, the flow medium is used as the medium to output the final result.

Application of online analyzer

In the automatic online detection instrument, the online analyzer occupies a key position in the whole system. Generally speaking, the application of online analytical instruments is mainly divided into the following aspects. First of all, the online analyzer involves the analysis of various parameters of sewage composition. Such as phosphorus content, nitrogen, and oxygen content, metal ion content, etc. Smelting wastewater can be treated pertinently by measuring some substances. Secondly, in essence, online analytical instruments are composed of a variety of instruments, such as thermal, optical, chromatographic analysis and physical property analysis. Therefore, the composition of the online analyzers is very large, which can not only analyze the chemical composition of wastewater but also analyze the changes in the physical properties of wastewater and the surrounding environment. On one side, the online analyzer is a centralized analysis equipment. Compared with other automatic detection equipment, the equipment has poor portability but complete functions. 

The equipment can detect the environmental changes around the wastewater inlet and outlet in real time so that the staff can put forward countermeasures for wastewater treatment in time based on the data analysis results. In addition, the most important analyzer in the online analyzer is the dissolved oxygen analyzer. The dissolved oxygen analyzer can not only measure the dissolved oxygen in wastewater but also analyze the growth state of aerobic bacteria in the tank. Generally speaking, the growth state of aerobic bacteria indirectly expresses the treatment efficiency of bacteria for pollutants in wastewater. Some functions of online analytical instruments are directly expressed, while others reflect other relevant information through their data analysis.

Application of liquid level measuring instrument

The precision of the liquid-level measuring instrument is relatively high, which can significantly promote the work efficiency of the entire automatic online detection equipment. Generally speaking, the liquid level measuring instrument is mainly composed of transmitting and receiving energy conversion parts. In the working process, the equipment can convert the time interval detection data from the transmitting signal to receiving signal into the measurement data of liquid level height. At present, the application of liquid-level measuring instruments mainly focuses on the following two aspects, first is the operation control of the grid. Its main principle is to control the grid through the liquid level data reflected by the controller, that is, once the water level exceeds the expected limit, the control system will be started. Therefore, in essence, this equipment represents the garbage generated in the wastewater treatment process. The second is to improve the operation control of the pump. The same principle as above is used to realize automatic control of the pump based on the water level limit, and then control the sewage flow entering the outside world.

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Specific project cases

Main application instruments

(1) Application of automatic flow measuring instruments. The use of automatic flow measurement instruments can completely and accurately collect and analyze the relevant information and data in the wastewater treatment process of the smelter, and analyze the index information such as the water inflow and outflow, aeration volume, gas production of the biochemical tank, sludge return flow, so as to provide an advanced and reliable technical information service guarantee for the stable operation of various equipment. In the process of wastewater treatment, water volume is a very critical indicator of information. An accurate and timely grasp of water inflow is conducive to improving the effect of resisting hydraulic load impact and reaching a higher technological level. The use of an ultrasonic flowmeter can realize the complete and accurate display of the real-time and accumulated flow on the site and the upper computer, thus providing sufficient flow data reference for the normal operation and management of the equipment. 

First, the ultrasonic flowmeter is mainly used in the pipeline measurement and channel measurement of the sewage treatment project. The installation and operation of the technical device are simple, and the later maintenance is convenient. It can be directly installed without drilling or cutting off the flow and is very suitable for the management and maintenance of large-diameter pipeline detection systems. Second, the scope of caliber is large, and no other costs need to be invested in the installation process. Third, good stability effectively solved pressure damage and other adverse problems; Fourth, it will not cause any interference to the operation data information of the fluid and can realize the direct input of standard DC signal information, so as to obtain a better automatic control effect.

(2) Level measuring instrument application. Liquid level measuring instrument is also a common technical device in wastewater treatment, which has good performance in improving wastewater treatment quality. First, grid operation control. The principle of this control mode is to reflect the grid blocking degree through the liquid level difference between the front and back of the grid, and quickly transmit the data to the PLC controller, which will complete the analysis and calculation. 

Once the liquid level difference is greater than the set value, under the control of the grid, the garbage will be cleaned in time to ensure that the normal water flow is not affected, and also effectively reduce the wear of the equipment. Second, lift pump operation control. In order to enable the inlet lift pump to have excellent automatic control performance and ensure the stable and efficient operation of liquid level measurement, PLC transmission, and other processes, the control program shall be controlled and adjusted according to the measured value, which gives more functions to control the lift pump, so that the pump operation state can be reasonably adjusted based on the external water volume of the plant, and the equipment loss can be effectively reduced.

(3) Online analytical instrument application. The online analyzer is the main structural component of the automatic detection instrument. During the operation of the online analyzer, a large amount of information data will be generated, such as COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, pH, nitrate nitrogen, dissolved oxygen, SS, sludge concentration, etc. The types of online analytical instruments are diverse. At present, the common products on the market mainly include optical, electrochemical, chromatographic, and physical property analysis, magnetic oxygen, thermal, ray, mass spectrometry, and other specifications. 

These products have different advantages. Among them, the dissolved oxygen analyzer has better automatic regulation performance, can quickly and stably realize the adjustment and control of the system, and is an important reference for improving the process level. The air volume of the blower is reasonably adjusted through the automatic control system to supply oxygen to the aeration tank in a timely manner, which is conducive to the good biochemical reaction of the bacteria in the aeration tank, avoiding the excessive loss of energy, so as to effectively protect the equipment life and achieve better aerobic bacteria decomposition effect.

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Application effect

The application of automatic online detection instruments in wastewater treatment of smelting plants mainly has the following advantages and effects. First, it can accurately monitor and analyze the water quality changes at different times, and make targeted adjustments and improvements to the inlet pipe network through the adjustment analysis results; Second, effectively improve the power factor, which is conducive to the improvement of equipment performance; Third, effectively reduce the cost of wastewater treatment; Fourth, complete and accurate collection and analysis of the operation data of each process to prevent many adverse effects caused by the increase of sludge amount due to seasonal climate change; Fifthly, it realized the automatic management of the equipment system, saving a lot of trouble for the later maintenance work.


To sum up, the application analysis of automatic online detection instruments in the wastewater treatment of smelting plants is research of great practical significance. It is necessary to improve the wastewater treatment capacity under the optimization of professional technical means, improve the operation level from the application of automatic flow measurement instruments, online analysis instruments, and liquid level measurement instruments, and help the long-term development of environmental protection.