Exploration on Management and Maintenance of Electric Automation Instrument
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Reading guide: In recent years, science and technology have developed rapidly. As a derivative of science and technology, electrical automation instruments have been used more and more widely, which can effectively promote the development of the electrical industry. However, the complexity of the internal structure has also increased the difficulty for maintenance personnel.

Introduction on the development of electrical automation instrument

In recent years, the development of science and technology has been accelerating, and the technical level of electrical automation instruments has also been improving. The emergence of this technology has brought great benefits to the development of the electrical industry, which is the key to promoting the development of the electrical field. However, in the process of using electrical instruments, they are often affected by some factors to cause failures, affecting the normal use of equipment. This requires enterprises and relevant management personnel to strengthen the maintenance of electrical automation instruments, and take effective management methods and maintenance measures in combination with the actual situation to ensure the stable operation of electrical automation instruments.

Significance of management and maintenance of electrical automation instruments

With the continuous progress of science and technology, in order to present more functionality, the structure of internal parts of instruments and meters becomes more and more complex. At the same time, the use of many parts is often affected by some factors, leading to problems in the overall normal operation. Therefore, through timely monitoring and maintenance of instrument parts, problems can be found in time, and effective measures can be taken to make the instrument operate efficiently. In addition, the development of electrical automation is of great significance for promoting human scientific and technological civilization. As an indispensable part of the development of electrical engineering, the operation quality and efficiency of instruments directly affect the construction effect of electrical engineering. This requires relevant staff not only to recognize the importance and necessity of electrical automation but also to do a good job in the management and maintenance of electrical automation instruments, so as to reduce the probability of failure as much as possible, thus reducing the economic losses caused by failure problems.

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Common faults of electrical automation instruments

Failure of regulating valve

Each instrument has a regulating valve, which can adjust the parameters in the instrument operation link to meet the production requirements. In addition, the following two types of faults can occur in the general control valve.


Because the internal spring is an important part to promote the operation of the instrument, when the spring stiffness becomes weak, the instrument cannot ensure normal operation. In the actual management link, the signal of the regulating valve began to flash irregularly, which was caused by the fluctuation of the spring. If the valve is consistent with the natural frequency, internal vibration will occur, leading to the failure of the electrical instrument. When selecting the control valve, it is necessary to consider the internal pressure comprehensively and strictly control the pressure limit to avoid affecting the normal operation of the equipment.


This type of problem usually occurs at the throttle valve, often resulting in problems such as sediment blockage. When checking the regulating valve, it is necessary to control the thickness of the packing, otherwise, it will affect the reception of the signal and eventually lead to equipment failure.

Flow control system failure

In the normal operation of electrical automation instruments, it is often difficult to control the flow, resulting in many failures. In this case, it is necessary to detect and check the entire electrical instrument, find out the key areas where faults exist, and then carry out targeted maintenance. In the process of checking the status of the electrical automation instrument, it is necessary to check the condition of the regulating valve first. If the instrument is at the minimum value, the valve operates normally. At this time, the main reason for the failure is that the system pressure load is too large, resulting in the blockage of the pipeline.

In general, the main reasons for the problems of the electrical automation instrument control system are as follows: First, the internal mechanical flow gear failed to operate normally, resulting in some errors; Second, there is deviation in the pressure difference, and there are some leakage problems in the positive pressure chamber; Third, there is no smooth connection in the flow tube, which is easy to be blocked.

Pressure control system failure

In the normal operation of electrical automation instruments, if the pressure cannot be well controlled, it will easily affect the system center of the equipment, causing the pressure system to fail, resulting in a direct relationship between the coefficient change and the frequency of failure. The main reason for the problems of the pressure system lies in the improper operation mode. When checking the instruments, it is necessary to adjust the parameters, and achieve critical flow turnover for the center to avoid system failures.

Management and maintenance measures for electrical automation instruments

Enterprises should pay more attention

In order to strengthen the maintenance of electrical automation instruments, the management personnel of relevant units need to pay more attention to it. Starting from multiple perspectives, especially the electrical enterprises, they should earnestly do a good job in the daily maintenance of equipment and formulate some emergency measures to avoid problems with the instruments. In terms of maintenance, many instruments are operated by factory workers. If there is a problem, it is very likely that the equipment operation deviation will lead to failure. 

Therefore, enterprises need to employ workers with professional work experience when selecting staff. At the same time, regular training is also needed to further strengthen the operation level of staff, increase their knowledge accumulation and improve their work efficiency. The enterprise needs to formulate a set of standardized instrument operation system according to the operation mode of the equipment. Through strict standards and regulations, the staff can carry out their work according to the fixed operation methods. This not only helps to strengthen the professional quality of the staff, but also can standardize the operation process, which is very important to ensure the stable operation of electrical automation instruments.

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Do a good job of anti-corrosion

The electrical automation instruments need to be connected with the external environment in the use link. Some environmental factors are very important for the selection of electrical instruments, which have a certain impact on the normal operation of equipment. For example, if there are some corrosive gases or some chemical and molecular factors in the environment, the normal operation of electrical automation instruments will be affected, resulting in deviation of the display and errors in the experiment. Therefore, the anti-corrosion management of electrical automation instruments is very critical. Therefore, it is necessary to do the following:

First of all, for some instruments with high accuracy requirements, the storage environment needs to be strictly controlled. For the components contained in the air, scientific instruments should be used to detect them. If the acid value exceeds the standard, the environment needs to be treated and some alkaline comprehensive reagents should be added.

Secondly, for the equipment whose storage environment must be acidic, some materials with high flexibility shall be selected as far as possible during the manufacturing process to avoid the impact of the surrounding environment on the operation.

Finally, the surface of electrical equipment needs to be covered with anti-corrosion paint to promote the normal operation of electrical plant equipment in an all-round way.

Strengthen lightning protection management

For electrical automation instruments, there are many semiconductors and wires inside. In case of special weather conditions, it is very likely that the instrument will have internal failures and serious damage. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the lightning protection of electrical automation instruments. In this regard, many electrical instruments need to do a good job of the grounding wire. In case of heavy rain and thunder, some current can be guided to avoid some instrument operation errors with high precision.

Thermal insulation in winter

In some areas in northern China, the temperature is low in winter, and the environment itself has an impact on the operation of electrical automation instruments. For example, the control valve in the instrument is likely to freeze internally due to low temperature, causing the whole system to fail. Therefore, for the instrument with sharp temperature perception, it is necessary to adjust the temperature in the use process. If the temperature is low, stop the operation of the equipment temporarily, and continue to use it after the weather turns warm, so that the equipment can always be kept in the temperature balance state.

Instrument control

All equipment, including electrical automation instruments, have its own service life. No matter how functional the instruments are, they will also age as the service time grows, and they cannot always be kept in the high-efficiency operation link. If the service life of the instrument has exceeded the limit, it is likely that equipment failure will occur due to some operation deviation in the subsequent operation. On the other hand, all instruments and equipment have a fixed service life. Once the limit is exceeded, the frequency of failures will increase. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job in equipment maintenance and further extend the service life of the equipment. 

At the same time, the equipment should be used according to the fixed requirements, and the equipment should be operated strictly according to the production process, so as to avoid the failure of the instrument due to operational errors and shorten the life cycle. In this regard, the enterprise unit needs to analyze the instruments and meters put into use, formulate a professional maintenance plan, do a good job of monitoring, regularly check, timely grasp the operating status of the parts, and quickly deal with the problems the next time.

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Carry out patrol inspection

It is necessary to strengthen the daily patrol inspection of electrical automation instruments and equipment. Strengthening the work can help managers understand the operation information of instruments and fully master their parameters. The following points should be achieved: First, the enterprise should establish a set of standardized patrol control systems to ensure that every staff member can check at the fixed point on time; Second, make records, summarize the equipment information and parameters checked, and clearly divide the tasks. Different people are in charge of different areas to achieve clear rights and responsibilities.

Regular equipment maintenance

Strengthen the maintenance of instruments and meters, regularly clean the stains on the surface of instruments and deal with sundries to avoid failures during use. In view of the maintenance of electrical automation instruments, different types of instruments have different maintenance schemes. It is necessary to judge according to the actual situation and select appropriate services for maintenance to avoid pipe blockage caused by excessive internal air impurities after the instrument contacts the environment. Therefore, it is necessary to shorten the maintenance cycle of such equipment.


To sum up, the electrical automation instrument is very important for the development of human science and technology. However, due to the complexity of the internal component structure, different fault problems may occur in the use process. Therefore, enterprises need to make judgments according to their own actual requirements and analyze the different situations of the instruments. The paper focuses on discussing the causes of different failures, and proposes targeted solutions, hoping to reduce the frequency of failures of electrical automation instruments as much as possible, and further strengthen their operating efficiency.