Which Flowmeter is Commonly Used in Sewage Treatment
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Reading guide: The electromagnetic flowmeter is formulated according to Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction to measure the volume flow of conductive fluid. Because of its unique characteristics, it has been widely used in the measurement of various conductive liquids in industry.

The electromagnetic flowmeter is commonly used in sewage treatment

An electromagnetic flowmeter is an instrument for measuring the volume flow of conductive liquid based on the Faraday electromagnetic induction principle. According to Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, when the conductor moves to cut the magnetic line of force in the magnetic field, an induced voltage is generated in the conductor. The magnitude of the electromotive force is proportional to the speed of the conductor moving perpendicular to the magnetic field in the magnetic field. Therefore, the measured value is converted into flow according to the difference in pipe diameter and medium.

This flowmeter has no throttling component, so it has small pressure loss and reduces energy consumption. It is only related to the average speed of the measured fluid, and its measurement range is wide, so it is suitable for use as a metering device for settlement. In recent years, its stability, linearity, accuracy, and service life have been continuously improved due to technological progress and continuous updating and improvement of process materials.

electromagnetic flowmeter is commonly used in sewage treatment

Sewage has the characteristics of large flow change, many impurities, small corrosivity, and certain conductivity. Therefore, an electromagnetic flowmeter is a good choice for measuring sewage flow. It is compact in structure, small in volume, and easy to install, operate and maintain. Due to the development of technology, most of the current electromagnetic flowmeters adopt the intelligent design, and the overall sealing is strengthened, which can work normally in a harsh environment. Because the electromagnetic flowmeter with neoprene lining and molybdenum stainless steel electrode is selected, it fully meets the requirements of metallurgical sewage measurement.

A sewage flowmeter is a flow instrument with high reliability and long service life, so we are very careful in every link in the process of product structure design, material selection, process development, production assembly, and factory test, and are subject to strict quality monitoring throughout the process.

electromagnetic used in sewage treatment