What Flowmeter is Used for Gas Measurement
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Flowmeter Used for Gas Measurement

Flowmeters for measuring gas mainly include vortex flowmeters and mass flowmeters.

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There are many kinds of flow meters for measuring gas, and it is better to select corresponding and suitable flow meters according to the working conditions on-site. No matter what kind of gas flowmeter, detailed technical parameters must be provided before model selection: pipe inner diameter, medium (medium composition ratio is required for mixed gas), temperature, pressure, flow range, power supply requirements, display configuration, signal output, pipe material, and some site requirements. This is an important condition for correct type selection, which directly affects whether the flowmeter can be used normally on-site and whether it can reasonably meet the on-site measurement requirements.

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Vortex flowmeter: it is mainly used to measure common single gas (such as air, carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, gas, biogas, and other chemical gases). The medium is required to be free of impurities, with an accuracy of 1.5, and the installation methods include clamp, flange, thread, and plug-in type.

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Mass flowmeter: mainly used to measure oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, chlorine, and multi-component gas. Blast furnace gas, coke oven gas measurement, aeration and chlorine measurement in biogas and water treatment, flue gas measurement, compressed air measurement, primary air, and secondary air flow measurement of power plant blast furnace, natural gas, liquefied gas, flare gas and other gas flow measurement. Accuracy class: 0.2, 0.15.