What is a DN32 Electromagnetic Flowmeter?
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Reading guide: This article mainly discusses what is DN32 Electromagnetic Flowmeter and its development.

The electromagnetic flowmeter DN32 produced by Hangzhou Supmea Automation Co., Ltd. and the SUP-LDG-DN32 upgraded electromagnetic flowmeter are used for flow tests according to Faraday's electromagnetic induction law. The advantage of an electromagnetic flowmeter is that the pressure loss is very small and the flow range can be measured as large. The ratio of maximum flow to minimum flow is generally above 10:1. The applicable industrial pipe diameter range is wide, up to 3m. The output signal and measured flow are linear, with high accuracy, and the measurable conductivity is ≥ 5 μ S/cm of acid, alkali salt solution, water, sewage, corrosive liquid, slurry, pulp, and other fluid flows.

DN32 electromagnetic flowmeter is widely used in the process flow measurement and control of industrial and agricultural production companies in the petrochemical industry, iron and steel metallurgy, water supply and drainage, water irrigation, water treatment, sewage treatment station (environmental sewage control, chemical sewage, electroplating sewage), paper making (pulp), mud, medicine, food, etc.

The DN32 electromagnetic flowmeter in China originated from the Faraday electromagnetic induction principle in 1832. In 1954, the American Foxbord Company launched the first electromagnetic flowmeter product in the world. Around 1955, Japan and the former Soviet Union successively developed their own electromagnetic flowmeter. It was only in 1957 that China began to develop the electromagnetic flowmeter. With the rapid development of the electronic industry and the continuous improvement of industrial automation, the electromagnetic flowmeter has entered a high-speed development stage.

Domestic DN32 electromagnetic flowmeter is mainly produced in Shanghai, Henan, and Jiangsu. In 1982, the Shanghai Institute of Automation developed a flowmeter, which spread rapidly in Shanghai in the following decades, forming nearly 1000 flowmeter manufacturers. In 1988, the Northeast Institute of Technology and Henan Kaifeng Instrument Factory developed electromagnetism. Later, with the restructuring, a large number of flowmeter manufacturers appeared in Henan and even larger regions.

DN32 Electromagnetic Flowmeter OEM suppliers

From the point of view of the electromagnetic flowmeter product itself, it is already a mature product. With the development of technology in recent years, on the one hand, intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter changers have added self-diagnosis and self-calibration functions, thus realizing some online self-diagnosis functions and reducing the maintenance workload of the electromagnetic flowmeter.

General DN32 electromagnetic flowmeter can be used to measure the flow rate and flow rate of conventional domestic water, sewage, acid, alkali, salt solution, coal water slurry, mineral slurry, rubber latex, and other media. The electromagnetic flowmeter can also output a 4~20mA current signal/RS485 signal for remote transmission, regulation, and control while meeting the requirements of the on-site display. It has been widely used in environmental protection, the chemical industry, metallurgy, light textile, paper making, petroleum, food and other industrial departments, municipal management, water conservancy construction, and other fields. In addition, the conductivity of the medium measured by the electromagnetic flowmeter shall not be less than 5uS/cm, and generally, it can only measure the flow rate above 0.1m/s, and it is difficult for the electromagnetic flowmeter to measure correctly below this flow rate.