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Time:2022-12-21 Read:592
Reading guide: Hangzhou Supmea takes craftsmanship spirit, first-class service, customer-centric, and striver oriented as its corporate culture to promote "Made in China" to the world step by step. At present, there are also five offices abroad. The overall strength of the company is growing. It is worth of trust to buy Hangzhou Supmea electromagnetic flowmeter.

Submersible Electromagnetic Flowmeters

Submersible electromagnetic flow meters are used in more and more fields, such as industrial wastewater, domestic sewage, pulp and mineral pulp, waterworks, beverage production, etc. Today, we introduce the use of a typical customer of Hangzhou Supmea Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

A group in Shanghai is mainly engaged in the technical service company in the professional field of coal mine electromechanical and material transportation engineering design. Part of the company's business is overseas, mainly in Southeast Asia.

In August, Manager Jia of the company contacted us. Manager Jia was responsible for procurement. There was a mining project in Indonesia before. The company bought a domestic submersible electromagnetic flowmeter from other places and sent it to Indonesia for pulp measurement. However, after using the flowmeter for a period of time, it was found that the flowmeter did not leave. The field staff was very anxious and eager to solve the problem. Manager Jia informed the company's sales engineer, Mr. Pan, of the on-site situation. Mr. Pan has many years of experience in the field selection of electromagnetic flowmeters. According to the particularity of the on-site measurement medium, he chose the submersible electromagnetic flowmeters made of wear-resistant materials for customers. 

Previously, the electromagnetic flowmeters did not move because of the strong wear of the medium, but he did not pay attention to the materials used in the selection of the electromagnetic flowmeters. The induction electrode is worn due to long-term use and cannot be detected normally. After communication, Manager Jia immediately made a choice, signed a purchase contract with us, and sent the submersible electromagnetic flowmeter to Manager Jia several working days later. Our submersible electromagnetic flowmeter has also been successfully applied to the mine site in Indonesia and has been running without problems up to now.

Because the company has many projects of this kind, it now cooperates with the group very frequently, and Manager Jia highly appreciates the product quality and service of our company. This year, we have set up offices in Indonesia and Malaysia, and the service in the later stage is more perfect. Manager Jia said that he will continue to deepen cooperation with me in the later stage to achieve a win-win situation.

Advantages of Hangzhou Supmea submersible electromagnetic flowmeter:

1. High precision flow calibration system, 0.2 level Cologne standard meter, more guaranteed product production.

2. The salesperson has a fast response time, works with a certificate (with measurement certificate), has a professional selection team, and has strong on-site selection ability.

3. The service is guaranteed. More than 20 offices nationwide and offline offices can provide on-site technical guidance services.

4. As the source manufacturer of recorders, he has more than 20 years of experience in instruments and is very skilled in making flowmeter heads.

5. Hannover's exhibition materials compete with international brands on the same stage, and its product performance is also internationally recognized.