SUP-DM2800 Oxygen Multimeter (Do Meter)

SUP-DM2800 Oxygen Multimeter (Do Meter) factory direct. Measure range: 0-20mg/L, 0-200%, 0-400hPa, -10~60℃. Do meter suppliers.
Display: 2.8-inch monochrome LCD screen, resolution 128*64
Dimension: Overall dimension: 100mm * 100mm * 150mm
Cutout dimension: 92.5mm*92.5mm
Thickness of the installation panel: 1.5mm~13mm
Weight: 0.65kg
Measuring valuables: DO, Saturation, Oxygen partial pressure


The dissolved oxygen online multimeter is widely applied for continuous monitoring and measurement of dissolved oxygen, saturation, oxygen partial pressure, and temperature in the solution in the industry of thermal power, chemical fertilizer, environmental protection, metallurgy, pharmacy, biochemistry, food, water, etc.

Continuous monitoring measurement data is connected with the recorder via transmitting output to realize remote monitoring and recording. It can also be connected with the RS485 portal via MODBUS-RTU protocol to access the computer for monitoring and recording.

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