Sanitary Electromagnetic Flow Meter (Stainless Steel Body)

In the processing process of some food and pharmaceutical industries, there are strict requirements on the material of measuring instruments. This electromagnetic flowmeter is made of 304 stainless steel, which can meet the requirements of various sanitary occasions.
Features For Sanitary Electromagnetic Flow Meter
• High accuracy (±0.5%), certified for ISO9001
• For low conductivity media (>5 μS/cm)
• Flange: ANSI/JIS/DIN DN15…1000
• Turndown ratio 1:100


Sanitary electromagnetic flow meter adopts new sanitary lining material and lining process, in line with the sanitary requirements of the food industry, while using a stainless steel shell and stainless steel clamp connection, to facilitate the rapid disassembly of electromagnetic flowmeter, cleaning, so that electromagnetic flowmeter in the use of the process is not easy to be contaminated, and can effectively prevent the accumulation of measurement fluid residues in the measuring tube, can be widely used in mineral water, soy sauce, jam, beer, juice, rice wine, milk and other food manufacturing process and health, chemical and other fields.


Suitable for hygienic occasions, such as fruit juice factory, beverage factory, milk factory, brewery and other food and pharmaceutical industries.

Due to the requirements of hygienic environment, the electromagnetic flowmeter is usually easy to disassemble and wash in hygienic occasions.




• Diameter Nominal: DN10~DN600 

• Ingress protection: IP65

• Electrical conductivity: Water 20μS/cm other medium 5μS/cm 

• Ambient Temperature: -10℃~60℃ 

• Medium Temperature: Integral type: -10℃~120℃

• Electrode material: Stainless steel SUS316, Hastelloy C, Titanium,Tantalum Platinum-iridium 

• Liner material: PFA,F46,Neoprene,PTFE,FEP 

• Accuracy: ±0.5%, ±2mm/s(flowrate<1m/s)

• Nominal Pressure: 0.6~4.0MPa



1. 304 stainless steel, containing more than 18% chromium, more than 8% nickel content.

2. =< DN150, adopt seamless pipe, strong pressure resistance.

3. Flange selection GB/ANSI/JIS/DIN optional.

5. Pure copper coils to ensure a stable magnetic field.

6. Each flow meters will be calibrated and tested before shipment, and the test report will be keep for three years.

7. The instrument has a simple and reliable structure with no moving parts and long working lifespan.
8. No intercepting and blocking parts, no pressure loss and fluid clogging phenomenon.
9. No mechanical inertia, fast response, good stability, can be applied to automatic detection, regulation and program control system.
10. Measurement accuracy is not affected by the type of measured medium and its temperature, viscosity, density, pressure and other physical parameters.
11. Different combinations of PTFE or rubber lining and Hc, Hb, 316L, Ti and other electrode materials can be adapted to the needs of different media.
12. There are various flowmeter models such as pipeline type and insertion type.
The use of EEPROM memory, measurement and operation data storage protection is safe and reliable.
13. With integrated and separate type two types.
14. High-definition LCD backlight display.



• The structure of sanitary electromagnetic flow meter sensor is simple, there is no moving parts in the measuring tube, and there is no throttling parts that impede the flow of fluid. So when the fluid through the flowmeter will not cause any additional pressure loss, is the flowmeter in the operation of the lowest energy consumption of one of the flow meters.
• Can measure the flow of dirty media, corrosive media and suspended liquid-solid two-phase flow. This is due to the instrument measuring tube internal no obstruction to the flow of parts, and the measured fluid contact is only the measuring tube lining and electrodes, the material can be selected according to the nature of the measured fluid. For example, with polytrifluoroethylene or polytetrafluoroethylene lining, can measure a variety of acids, alkalis, salts and other corrosive media; using wear-resistant rubber lining, it is particularly suitable for measuring with solid particles, wear and tear of the larger slurry, cement slurry and other liquid-solid two-phase flow and a variety of liquid with fibers and pulp and other suspended liquids.
• This sanitary electromagnetic flow meter is a volumetric flow measurement instrument, in the measurement process, it is not affected by the measured medium temperature, viscosity, density to conductivity (in a certain range). Therefore, electromagnetic flowmeter only needs to be calibrated by water, it can be used to measure the flow of other conductive liquids.
• Our sanitary electromagnetic flow meter output is only proportional to the average flow rate of the measured medium, and the symmetric distribution of the flow state (laminar or turbulent flow) is not relevant. So the electromagnetic flowmeter range is very wide.
• The  without mechanical inertia, responsive, can measure the instantaneous pulsating flow, but also can measure the flow in both directions.

• They are non-obstruction type of flow meters.

• No pressure loss.

• The pipe is surrounded by electromagnet which produces magnetic field.

• The fluid flowing through pipe is conducting type.

• No obstruction is created to flow.

• It is unaffected by changes in temperature, density, viscosity, concentration and electrical  conductivity.
• It is mainly suitable for hydraulic solid transport.



• Cannot be used to measure gas, vapor and liquids containing large amounts of gas.

• It is not suitable for low velocity.

• Gas inclusion cause errors.


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