Hygienic Connection Tri-clamp Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Tri-clamp on type electromagnetic flow meter with movable clamp design. So that the flowmeter can meets the demands of many hygienic applications. And it is an economical solution for applications with conductive liquids (≥ 5 μS/cm).
Features For Electromagnetic Flow Meter
• High accuracy (±0.5%)
• ISO9001 certified
• For low conductivity media (>5 μS/cm)
• For exact dosing or filling in the food sector


An electromagnetic flow meter applies only to measure the real-time flow rate of an electrically conductive liquid or liquid-solid two-phase flow, and has a flow accumulation function. Theoretically, an ordinary type electromagnetic flow meter can measure the medium conductivity of not less than 5 μS/cm, but it’s proved that the measured conductivity by the ordinary electromagnetic flow meter is higher than one to two orders of magnitude, at least more than 50μ S/cm. Meanwhile,
the conductivity measured online must prevail, for that measured offline may be relatively higher due to carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide contained in the air may dissolve into the medium.


Eelectromagnetic flow meters with sanitary connection with Tri-clamp fittings. Suitable for hygienic occasions, such as fruit juice factory, beverage factory, milk factory, brewery and other food and pharmaceutical industries

As customer’s request, Titanium electrode and PTFE lining often be selected due to the high chemical resistance of this material to liquids with a high salt content, as well as to the CIP cleaning system that must be used and that requires the application. 



• Diameter Nominal: DN10~DN600 

• Ingress protection: IP65

• Electrical conductivity: Water 20μS/cm other medium 5μS/cm 

• Ambient Temperature: -10℃~60℃ 

• Medium Temperature: Integral type: -10℃~120℃

• Electrode material: Stainless steel SUS316, Hastelloy C, Titanium,Tantalum Platinum-iridium 

• Liner material: PFA, F46, Neoprene, PTFE, FEP 

• Accuracy: ±0.5%, ±2mm/s(flowrate<1m/s)

• Nominal Pressure: 0.6~4.0MPa




1. 304 stainless steel, containing more than 18% chromium, more than 8% nickel content

2. =< DN150, adopt seamless pipe, strong pressure resistance

5. Pure copper coils to ensure a stable magnetic field

6. Each flow meters will be calibrated and tested before shipment, and the test report will be keep for three years.



• They are non-obstruction type of flow meters.

• No pressure loss.

• The pipe is surrounded by electromagnet which produces magnetic field.

• The fluid flowing through pipe is conducting type.

• No obstruction is created to flow.

• It is unaffected by changes in temperature, density, viscosity, concentration and electrical  conductivity.
• It is mainly suitable for hydraulic solid transport.




• It is not suitable for low velocity.

• Gas inclusion cause errors.


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