SUP-1158S Wall Mounted Clamp On Ultrasonic Flow Meter

This wall mounted ultrasonic flow meter with clamp on sensor is used in testing equipment filter elements for water purifier. It could be also installed in some residential areas and commonly used for testing water supply and monitoring.
• Without cutting pipes
• Real-time measurement
• Various piping material available
• Wide measuring range: DN25~DN6000


Ultrasonic flow transmitter is composed of three parts: ultrasonic transducer, electronic circuit and flow display and accumulation system. Ultrasonic transmitting transducer converts electrical energy into ultrasonic energy and transmits it into the measured fluid, the receiver receives the ultrasonic signal, amplified by the electronic circuit and converted into an electrical signal representing the flow rate to supply the display and accumulation instrument for display and accumulation. In this way, the detection and display of flow is realized.


The ultrasonic flow transmitter adopts the window software design to consolidate or subdivide all of the parameters entered, the instrument setup and measurement result displays into more than 100 independent windows. The operator can input parameters, modify settings or display measurement results by "visiting" a specific window. These windows are arranged by 2-digit serial numbers (including "+" sign) from 00~99, then to +0, +1, etc. Each window serial number, or so-called window ID code, has a defined meaning. For example, Window M11 indicates the parameter input for pipe outside diameter, while Window M25 indicates the mounting spacing between the transducers, etc.. For more detailed information, please contact us for product instructions.



•Flow range: ±1%
• Display:2×20 character LCD with backlight, support the language of Chinese, English and Italy
• Signal output:1 way 4~20mA output, electric resistance 0~1K,accuracy0.1%
                           1 way OCT pulse output(Pulse width 6~1000ms,default is 200ms)
                           1 way Relay output
• Signal output:3 way 4~20mA input, accuracy 0.1%,acquisition signal such as temperature, press and liquid level Connect the temperature transducer Pt100, can finish the heat/energy measurement
• Data interface:Insulate Rs485 serial interface, upgrade the flowmeter software by computer, support the MODBUS
Special cable
•Twisted-pair cable, generally, the length under 50 meters; Select the RS485, transmission distance can over 1000m
Pipe installation condition
•Twisted-pair cable, generally, the length under 50 meters; Select the RS485, transmission distance can over 1000m
•Pipe material:Steel, Stainless steel, Cast iron, Copper, Cement pipe, PVC, Aluminum, Glass steel product, liner is allowed
• Pipe diameter:15-6000mm
• Straight pipe:Transducer installation should be satisfied: upstream10D, downstream 5D, 30D from the pump
Measuring Medium
 • Type of liquid:Single liquid can transmit sound wave, such as Water (hot water, chilled water, city water, sea water, waste water, etc.); Sewage with small particle content; Oil (crude oil, lubricating oil, diesel oil, fuel oil, etc.); Chemicals (alcohol, etc.); Plant effluent; Beverage;
Ultra-pure liquids, etc.
• Flow rate:0~±7m/s
Working environment
•Temperature:Convertor:-20~60℃;Flow Transducer:-30~160℃
•Humidity:85%RH;Flow Transducer:can measure under water,water depth≤2m(tansducer sealed glue)
Power supply
 • DC8~36V or AC85~264V(optional)


The flow meter utilizes two transducers that function as both ultrasonic transmitters and receivers.  The flow meter operates by alternately transmitting and receiving a frequency modulated burst of sound energy between the two transducers and measuring the transit time that it takes for sound to travel between the two transducers. The difference in the transit time measured is directly and exactly related to the velocity of the liquid in the pipe.



Ultrasonic flowmeter is a non-contact instrument, it can measure the flow of large diameter media can also be used for the measurement of media that are not easy to contact and observe. Its measurement accuracy is very high, almost independent of the interference of various parameters of the measured medium, especially can solve the measurement problem that other instruments can not solve, such as strong corrosive, non-conductive, radioactive and flammable and explosive media flow measurement problems.



•Substance limitations: Ultrasonic flowmeters cannot be used for heavily contaminated liquids or slurry.

• Higher upfront cost: Ultrasonic flowmeters are significantly more expensive than many of the other inline flowmeter options available today.



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