SUP-pH5011 Water pH Sensor

The water pH sensor is a scientific instrument that measures the Hydrogen-ion activity in water-based solutions, indicating its acidity or alkalinity expressed as pH.
• Isolated power supply design, data stability, strong anti-interference ability.
• pH supports automatic/manual temperature compensation, (Automatically detect whether the temperature probe is disconnected or faulty, then switch to manual temperature compensation) The default is 25.0℃.
• Support USA/NIST/custom pH calibration solution, and user-defined ORP standard solution.
• Communication: RS485 interface*1 (Modbus RTU protocol).


The SUP-pH5011 Water pH Sensor designed by our company for the aquaculture industry, with a digital interface (RS485*1), can be used to measure changes in the pH/ORP value of the aqueous system within the range. It has a standard RS485 Modbus RTU protocol interface function, which can communicate with the host computer remotely.


MeasurementpH or ORP
Measurement range0.00-14.00pH, ±1000.0mV
Temperature range0- 60℃@0.1℃
Transducer tyoepH electrode or ORP electrode
Accuracy0.02pH | 0.5℃
Output typeRS485 interface*1
Communication protocolStandard MODBUS-RTU protocol
ID9600, 8, 1, N (default) 1-255
 Default ID: 01 (0x01)
Setting methodRS485 remote setting calibration and parameters
Power supply12VDC
Power consumption30mA @12VDC

Ordering information (Please specify pH or ORP before ordering).
Standard: pH/ORP digital sensor*1.

Customized cable length: dedicated for cleaning the floating body (40cm), electrode cable length 5m.

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