SUP-pH5013A PTFE pH Probe Sensor

This is a pH Probe Sensor. It is a specially designed electrode to measure tHe pH value of liquid. Supmea provides pH Probe Sensors wholesale.
• Measurement range: 1-14pH
• Temperature range: 0-90℃
• Temperature compensation: NTC 10K, PT100, PT1000
• Pressure resistance: 0.3 MPa
• Slope inclination: 97% (25℃)
• Thread: 3/4NPT
• Zero potential point: E0=7PH±0.2
• Body material: PTFE
• Cable length: 5m, 10m, customized


The measuring principle of the pH/ORP sensor is the electrochemical method and galvanic cell principle. PH sensor is a sensor used to detect the concentration of hydrogen ions in the tested object and convert it into corresponding available output signals.

The main battery is a system whose function is to convert chemical energy into electrical energy. The voltage of this battery is called electromotive force (EMF), which is composed of two and a half cells, one of which is called a measuring cell, and its potential is related to the specific ionic activity; The other is a reference half-cell, usually called a reference sensor, which is usually interconnected with the measuring solution and connected to the measuring instrument.

The potential difference generated by the coupling interaction inside the sensor is transmitted to the pH controller, and the corresponding algorithm is transmitted to display the pH value.

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