SUP-pH5018 Combination pH Electrode

The SUP-pH5018 Combination pH Electrode for sale. The combination electrode measures the potential difference between the two sides of the glass electrode. To measure the potential of a closed circuit.
Connector: VP, S8M, K2, etc.
Zero potential point: 7±0.5 pH
Conversion coefficient: >98%
Membrane resistance: general: <250ΜΩ
Practical response time: <1 min
Measurement range: 0-14 pH
Salt bridge: Porous ceramic core/porous Teflon
Temperature compensation: Pt100/Pt1000/NTC10K
Temperature: 0-100℃
Pressure resistance: up to 4 Bar at 25 ℃
Thread Connection: PG13.5


The PH-5018 sensor has large sensitive areas and strong mechanical shock resistance, which can be widely used in various chemical processes including microbial technology, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, sugar manufacturing, chlor-alkali, mining and smelting, paper-making, paper pulp, textiles, petrochemical industry and semiconductor electronic industry as well as fields such as waste water treatment. 

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