SUP-pH5019 pH Sensor

The SUP-pH5019 pH Sensor wholesale. A pH sensor, also known as a probe or electrode, is an important tool that allows the user to determine the alkalinity or acidity of a solution.
Temperature compensation: 10KΩ/2.252KΩ/Pt100/Pt1000
Zero potential point: 7±0.5 pH
Conversion coefficient: > 98%
Membrane resistance: <250ΜΩ
Practical response time: <1 min
Measurement range: 0-14 pH
Salt bridge: Porous Teflon
Temperature: 0-60℃ for general cables
Pressure resistance: 1 ~ 3 Bar at 25 ℃
Thread Connection: 3/4NPT


The PH-5019 pH sensor consists of a pH-sensitive membrane, double-junction reference GPT medium electrolyte, and a porous large-area Teflon salt bridge. The plastic case is made of modified PON, which can withstand high temperature up to 80°C and resist strong acid and strong alkali corrosion. It is widely used in waste water treatment and fields including mining and smelting, paper-making, paper pulp, textiles, petrochemical industry, process of semiconductor electronic industry and downstream engineering of biotechnology.

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