SUP-ORP6050 Orp Probe

The SUP-ORP6050 Orp Probe wholesale. ORP represents the relative degree of oxidation or reduction of media.
Measurement range: -2000mV-2000mV
sensor unit: 245―270mV(15―30℃, 256mV calibration fluid)
Temperature compensation: NTC10K/PT100/PT1000
Pressure range: ≤0.6Mpa
sensor stability: ±4mV /24h
Measurement range: 2~12pH
Temperature: 0~80℃
Thread Connection: 3/4NPT
Shell material: PPS
Slope: (PTS values) ≧95% (25℃)
Resistance: ≦ 250 m Ω


The industrial 6050 sensor USES the ring-type polytetrafluoroethylene reference liquid interface, solid electrolyte, and ring-type platinum ring, which makes the reaction speed and anti-pollution ability of the sensor strengthened, and the performance is perfect, reaching the level of the international similar sensor.

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