SUP-pH7001 Orp Electrode

The SUP-pH7001 Orp Electrode factory in China. ORP electrode is an electrode that can absorb or release electrons on the surface of its sensitive layer, which is an inert metal, usually made of platinum and gold.
Measurement range: 2~12pH
Temperature: 0~60℃
Pressure range: 0.4MPa
Temperature compensation: NTC10K/PT100/PT1000
Reference structure: Teflon ring/double liquid junction
Thread Connection: 3/4NPT
Shell material: PPS
Slope: (PTS values) ≧95% (25℃)
Resistance: ≦250 mΩ


The SUP-pH7001 industrial pH/ORP electrode sensor is made of ring-type polytetrafluoro-reference liquid interface, solid electrolyte and special glass sensitive film, so that the reaction speed and anti-pollution ability of the sensor are enhanced and its performance reaches the level of similar sensors in the world.

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