SUP-pH8001 pH Orp Electrode

PH transmitter and ORP transmitter are used to measure the pH value and redox potential of liquid respectively. We are the SUP-pH8001 PH Orp Electrode manufacturer in China.
Measurement range: 0-14pH, ±1000.0mV
Temperature: 0~60℃
Resolution: 0.01pH, 0.1mV
Accuracy: 0.02pH, 0.5℃, 0.2mV
Output: RS485
Communication: Modbus-RTU
Power supply: 12VDC


The SUP-8001 pH Orp electrode designed for the aquaculture industry is equipped with the interface of a number (RS485*1) and can be used for measuring aqueous solution systems within the range change in pH/ORP. The 8001 pH sensor is applied in different fields: Aquaculture, water quality testing, information data collection, and Internet of Things water quality testing.

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