SUP-pH6001 pH Measurement Instrument

A set of industrial online pH measurement systems is usually composed of four parts, namely, pH sensor, pH transmitter, electrode sheath, and cable. The SUP-pH6001 pH Measurement Instrument factory in China.
Measurement range: 2~12pH
Temperature: 0~80℃
Pressure range: 0.4MPa
Temperature compensation: NTC10K/PT100/PT1000
Thread Connection: 3/4NPT
Application range: Environmental protection, water treatment, breeding, municipal
Installation: Submersible installation, pipe installation, thread Installation, flange installation
Wire: 5m (customizable)
sensor: Φ25*165mm


The SUP-pH6001 pH measurement instrument can be directly used with a variety of domestic or imported pH meter.

PH electrode measurement principle is the electrochemical method and galvanic cell principle. The primary cell is a system, whose function is to convert chemical energy into electrical energy. The voltage of this battery is called electromotive force (EMF). This EMF consists of two and a half batteries. One half-cell is called the measuring cell, and its potential is related to specific ion activity; The other half-cell is the reference half-cell.

The cell, usually called the reference electrode, is generally connected to the measuring solution and the measuring instrument. Through the inside of the electrode.

The potential difference generated by the primary battery reaction is transferred to the PH controller, and the corresponding algorithm is transmitted to display the PH value.

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