SUP-ORP6040 ORP Sensor

The SUP-ORP6040 Orp Sensor manufacturers. ORP is the abbreviation of Oxford Reduction Potential. As a comprehensive indicator of the environmental conditions of media (including soil, natural water, culture medium, etc.).


An ORP sensor, or Oxidation-Reduction Potential sensor, is a device used to measure the potential difference between a reference electrode and a working electrode in a solution. ORP is a measure of the ability of a solution to oxidize or reduce other substances and is expressed in millivolts (mV).

The SUP-ORP6040 ORP sensors are used in a variety of applications, including water treatment, aquaculture, and food processing. In water treatment, ORP sensors are used to monitor and control the quality of drinking water by measuring the potential for disinfection. In aquaculture, they are used to monitor water quality and optimize the growth of aquatic organisms. In food processing, they are used to monitor the quality of food products and ensure that they are safe for consumption.

ORP sensors typically consist of a reference electrode and a working electrode, which are placed in a solution to be measured. The reference electrode is a stable electrode with a fixed potential, while the working electrode is a reactive electrode that is sensitive to changes in the solution. The potential difference between the two electrodes is measured and used to determine the ORP of the solution.

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